Madlib & Oh No Are Brothers Doing Big Things In Their New Video

On March 1, the Dublin based outfit, All City Records, is set to release their compilation record, Gangster Music Vol. 1, featuring Blu, Exile, Kaytranada, Quelle Chris, Max B, and Mndsgn, amongst others. In addition to the guest production and MC features for the project, each track will be accompanied by a custom drawing from Marlon Sassy, also known as Gangster Doodles. Doodles is best known in Hip-Hop circles worldwide for his work “drawing rappers, ballers, players, thugs and gangsters on 3×3-inch yellow Post-It notes, using common office supplies such as fluorescent highlighters, and publishing them online.”

In anticipation for Gangster Music Vol. 1, producer Madlib and his brother, MC and producer Oh No, have released visuals for their collaborative effort, “Big Whips.”

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According to a recent interview with Complex, Sassy explains how the record first came about. “‘Big Whips’ came into existence because of a friend of a friend who knows a guy. I sent an email asking if he thought Madlib might be down to submit something. I knew it was a crazy long shot and didn’t really expect to get an answer back. But to my surprise a couple days later, I got a reply saying Madlib was into it. Madlib only had instrumentals available and the friend of a friend who knows a guy had the genius idea of getting Oh No on the track.”

The video follows the Pink Panther as he journeys through his television set, flipping through cropped and edited video snapshots captured from some of Hip-Hop’s boldest, and earliest, music videos. According to Director David James, his goal was “to achieve maximum levels of nostalgia,” as The Pink Panther’s character mobs through old clips from Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Birdman over Madlib’s old school Boom Bap instrumental. Rapper Oh No shines on his older brother’s beat like a set of platinum rims with his similarly OG, ride slow lyricism.

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Oh No raps, “I was in the ’81 pearl Toronado taking flight through the turn table and it started cutting at the lights / N**** live ignorant as f*** / Toys ‘R’ Us shopping for the kids I got Jeffery Bucks / I used to park and leave it running unlocked / Cuz don’t nobody want that hooptie on the lot / I filled the trunk to the front and the baby seats / Waiting watching Sopranos on a portable DVD / S*** I always did it large as my car was / Big smoke out the roof the car smell like hard bud.”