Nas Sounds Truly Inspired On A Beautiful New Song With Amy Winehouse

Timing can be a curiously beautiful thing, especially when it comes to finally being able to share what feels like a destined collaboration in the arts. As exemplified by Salaam Remi’s latest, 2019 made for the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the beloved producer unleashed a new single featuring previously unreleased vocals from Amy Winehouse and a freshly recorded contribution from Nas.

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The single, “Find My Love,” holds a whimsically nostalgic quality to it, taking listeners back to a time where the newly budding friendship between the Queensbridge rapper and the illustrious singer made it impossible not to wonder where their creative chemistry could take them. While the pair have shared song credits several times over the years, including on the Remi-helmed “Cherry Wine” and “Like Smoke,” their potential as collaborators was unfortunately not able to ever be fully realized due to Winehouse’s tragic passing in 2011.

Considering Remi played a direct role in connecting the two back in the day, it is only fitting that he gifted his longtime collaborator with the opportunity to spit over the late icon’s vaulted vocals once again.

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Of the song, Remi worded it best, explaining, “Working with friends is the best part of being a creator. With Nas and Amy being two of my closest creative partners over the years, this organically feels like the first song from my Do it For The Culture 2 collection of songs.”

The single, which is set to appear on the veteran producer’s upcoming compilation, Do it For The Culture 2, doubles as the first posthumous Winehouse release since 2015.

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As the Grammy Award-winning singer’s powerful contralto is subtly sprinkled throughout the feel-good instrumental, Nas gets intimate in what arguably is one of his most inspired verses in recent memory.

“I need a woman that know peace of mind’s a real bag / A true love I never had / So what the hell am I lookin’ for? / Someone who’s not bossy and not insecure / Your smile could cure cancer, your frown could start a world war / Somebody to join me while I’m sitting at the shore, sure,” he spits.

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From rapping about his ideal way to spend a Sunday with a hypothetical partner to reflecting on what could be missing from his romantic life, the heartfelt song makes for a deeply personal offering. A genuine thank you is in order for this one, Salaam Remi.