Busta Rhymes & Conway Team Up To Turn Wack Rappers Into Ghosts

Last year, Busta Rhymes was among the A-list guests that featured on Westside Gunn’s Supreme Blientele album. Also involving Benny The Butcher, “Brossface Brippler” is a highlight from that LP that is currently on Ambrosia For Heads‘ official playlist. Bussa’ Bus keeps close ties with the Griselda Records family, building upon that chemistry for Conway The Machine’s “Ghost Musik.” The record also includes Aaron Cooks.

Available for purchase on the Buffalo MC’s website, the single captures the raw styles from two masterful MCs. While Busta Rhymes’ command dates back nearly 30 years to his days with L.O.N.S., Conway is a 2010s-era MC whose recent recognition and output has put him in position to lead the new school.

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‘Verse Of The Year’ sh*t, every time I jot a poem / Why? ‘Cause I’m 10 times iller than these m*ricóns / Young boy caught a couple cases / He upstate, in general population, cuttin’ faces / Pull up to club and pop a couple Aces / And when I leave, I bet I pull off in a f*ckin’ spaceship,” spits the artist who recently put his Eif 2: Eat What U Kill album on streaming platforms. Conway stamps the track with swagger and confidence, speaking to the street life underbelly in a way that Hip-Hop purists have heralded. “My plug is a f*ckin’ racist / He dealin’ whites only, prices, no fluctuation / Put the blender in the batter like it’s f*ckin’ cake mix,” he blasts, as Busta Rhymes makes his way to the mic booth in the background.

Following a respectable verse from Aaron on an attention-grabbing song, the Flipmode Squad General shows why he is a decorated vet. B.R. has been making powder-coated songs since early in his solo career has no problem yielding into that lane. “These ni**as that they was nice with the pop, b*tch, I was nastier / Number-one coke pitcher, C.C. Sabathia / So relaxin’ when I cook the sh*t that kept the boy calm / Stirred the pot so much I caught spasms in my forearm / Y’all ni**as fakin’, just admit it / Got so nice with the chefin’, I wore aprons when I did it,” boats the MC who executive produced Raekwon’s “purple tape” sequel. The Native Tongues member uses vivid detail to recall his illicit work in the kitchen. He proclaims that it is an elite hustle that pays big dividends, despite bigger risks.

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However, Busta also cautions amidst his boasting. “This horror-ful sh*t is something you should avoid, best you exit / F*ck ni**as up worse than the Opioid epidemic / Fentanyl-mixture bars be lethal, b*tch, you best expect it / Check it, my creatures war with people when I send the message.” “Ghost Musick” is a haunting demonstration.

As Dr. Dre is reportedly finishing up Busta’s first album in seven years, this superstar shows that he still loves keeping it grimy, lyrical, and ruthless with his rapping.