Freddie Gibbs Shows He’s His Most Deadly Over Madlib Beats (Audio)

Fewer than two weeks ago, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib delighted Hip-Hop fans with their first collaborative single since the pair’s 2014 album, Piñata. That song, “Flat Tummy Tea,” will appear on Bandana, an album that promises to remind Heads of the remarkable chemistry between Gangsta Gibbs and the Beat Konducta. The formula cooked up on Piñata proved to be a successful one, with the album performing well on Pop charts thanks in part to collaborations with Raekwon, Scarface, Danny Brown, Ab-Soul, Mac Miller and more.

Now, the Gary, Indiana MC and the Oxnard, California producer are back with Bandana’s second single, the title track. For it, they enlist the help of Assassin (aka Agent Sasco). He’s a Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall artist whose vocal inflections pair brilliantly with those of Gibbs. Together, the three make “Bandana” a mesmerizing and undulating track with lyrics more sinister than “Flat Tummy Tea.” Gibbs starts things off with “Draped in all designer / Draped in all designer / Cakin’ off the powder / Cakin’ off the powder / Stuffed a half a birdie off in a piñata,” a nod to Bandana‘s predecessor.

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He continues, “F*ck the local police, my ni**a, they can’t control me / I throw my set up, fly my bandana / I give a hater a handicap with this hand cannon,” before bringing up the song’s driving theme again. “My brand new hammer, once I used it / It was dirty like the bloodstains on my bandana.” Gibbs gets even more aggressive in the second verse. “Catch him while he comin’ from work and go take the judge out / Richest ni**a in the prison, million dollar mugshot / Buckshot comin’ out my 12 gauge / You can’t kill what’s already dead, boy / look what Hell made / Never let them crackers refer to me by a slave name.

Then, Gibbs manages to bring back the theme once again, spitting about getting away with it. “Do it right / It ain’t no witness, ain’t no weapon, ain’t no evidence / Wipin’ off the mothaf*ckin’ fingerprints with my bandana.”

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Bandana has yet to be given a visual treatment or an official release date, but with two singles released in such quick succession, all signs point to an impending arrival.