Mike Tyson Recalls The Time He Bribed A Cop With His Car (Video)

In late 2017, Ed Lover shared a captivating Mike Tyson story wherein the champ gave him a Bentley Azure after a wild night of New York City partying. The only catch was, the former Yo! MTV Raps host and C’mon Son Podcast creator says that he was unaware that the gesture was a gift. Lover ended up returning the handmade British luxury automobile back to Tyson’s manager after being informed that the boxer had just loaned it to him. However, since the ’90s when this happened, Lover learned directly from Iron Mike that he had truly intended the gesture as a token of his respect for his friend and fellow New Yorker.

Spreading love is the Brooklyn way, especially as it applies to one of the greatest fighters of all time. Following Ed Lover’s recalling of Mike’s unchecked generosity, Tyson recently recounted the events of another night where he gave away a Bentley.

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Complex News visited the Tyson Ranch to ask the champ and pop culture icon about his new marijuana venture and much more. When interviewer Pierce Simpson asks about the rumor that he used to just hand out Bentleys and Rolls Royces, the pugilist confirms that he also tossed a set of six-figure keys to a police officer.

“In one of the instances, it happened [was] because I was getting ready to get arrested. I offered [the car] to the cop; the cop took it,” recalls Tyson. In disbelief, the Simpson asks Tyson to confirm the gesture and the acceptance of the gift.

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“Let me explain the whole story; do we have time here?” Mike asks politely, before beginning another great tale. “So at this particular time, I’m married; I’m married to Robin [Givens]. So, I was hanging out the night before. I’m a young kid; I’m 21,” says Mike, suggesting infidelity during the couple’s 1988 marriage. “This is me just living my life as a champ. I don’t know nothin’; I’m really stupid, but I think I know everything.” After a presumed affair, Tyson is in line with his wife at a fast food restaurant. “I’m one of those guys [where] I don’t care that I’m a champ, I’m gonna go get a burger at Burger King. So I’m in line to get a [hamburger]. So I believe [Robin Givens] goes in my pocket, and she pulls out f*cking condoms. Aw, man! Aw, f*ck! Aw, man! Right outside the [restaurant we go]; we don’t buy sh*t!”

The young couple takes an ensuing argument to the car, where the Head Of The Class actress gets behind the wheel. “She gets in the car; the car we’re driving is a Bentley—brand new, that year. I guess, ’cause she’s angry with me or she doesn’t like the car, so she rams the car into the car in front of us.” Tyson says that the driver of the car in front of them was visibly injured from the impact, holding his arm upon exiting the vehicle. “The guy’s f*cked up. The cops come. The cops come and they’re asking me questions and stuff. I kind of panic. I’m like a Bourgeoisie [person] in my head; I’m thinking that this shouldn’t be happening to me, all this sh*t. I just go up to [an officer], I said, ‘Listen, sir. Just take the car.’ That was just me in my tantrum, ‘Take the f*cking car, alright?'” In response, the cop eagerly told the boxing champion, “Don’t tell me that.”

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Tyson admits that as the officer showed interest, he knew that he was off the hook. “When he said ‘don’t tell me that, I knew I got him. He wants this car! I said, ‘Nah, you work hard; you put your life on the line. Take the f*ckin’ car!’ Me and Robin got in a cab and we just took off and went to New York. I [still] got to hear the sh*t though [about my condoms]. But that’s really what happened.”

The interview also covers how the former professional athlete was reluctant to get into the marijuana industry, because he just could not believe that marijuana had become legal. There is also his anecdote about his chance meeting with Tupac when the rapper was still a teenager, and how his random act of kindness lead to their later friendship.