Boogie’s Skydive Video Shows The Risks Of Taking A Leap For Love

Three months into 2019, Boogie has the distinction of releasing one of the year’s best albums in Rap. January’s Everythings For Sale stands tall in the Shady Records catalog for the Long Beach, California native who spent his formative years in the Compton streets that he represents. Notably, Boogie is a double-threat who raps and sings. The latter, he honed in a Hub City church.

Among the 13 tracks on Everythings For Sale, “Skydive” is a two-part focal point that displays Boogie’s songwriting gifts. While Interscope label-mate 6LACK is on the sequel, the first part of the song now comes to visual. Both songs feature soft guitar strings, but the first song deals with the abyss of love. The track looks at the idea of free-falling into a commitment with possible doubts and fears lingering. Like the songs Boogie has made throughout the last five years, it is complex and relatable to many. Love is dangerous and something that often does not go as we wish.

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Previously, Boogie released videos for the melodic “Silent Ride” at the very top of the year, with the Eminem-assisted “Rainy Days” and J.I.D. collabo’ “Soho” to follow. This fourth look shows a present-day Boogie and his partner passionately in love. They levitate as the effect takes hold on both of them. In a cutaway, it becomes what appears to be a young Boogie. Dejected at home, he walks to a local food spot to have a bite. There, he runs into a former unrequited fling. The pains of adolescent heartbreak appear in this short but palpable display. Only he levitates in a flashback sequence of their teenage love.

The song showcases Boogie’s singing abilities more than his rapping. This visual follows “Rainy Days,” where he gave Em’ a strong run for his money on the mic.

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Last month, Boogie spoke with AFH TV about his upbringing, progressing from a singer to a respected lyricist, and balancing family with a music career in high gear. All can watch that interview at the moment. We are currently offering free 30-day trials.

Press photograph by Jack Wagner provided by Interscope Records.