Stream Donald Glover & Rihanna’s “Guava Island” Film (Video)

Following Donald Glover’s headlining set at the Coachella Valley Music Festival last night (April 12), he and director Hiro Murai debuted their 55-minute, “tropical thriller” for all to stream for the first 18 hours post-release.

While it is currently available to all for free, the film between the Atlanta collaborators will be exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers later today (April 13). The artist also known as Childish Gambino and Murai’s latest film project follows their collaborative work on the FX hit series, Atlanta, and the video for the multiple-Grammy Award-winning “This Is America.” It combines Glover’s musical expertise and acting talents on screen together once again. In 2013, Murai directed the short film Clapping for the Wrong Reasons, a side project coinciding with Childish Gambino’s sophomore studio album, Because the Internet. Guava Island officially premiered at Coachella this past Thursday (April 11), before it’s release to the entire public.

Donald’s brother, Stephen Glover, wrote Guava Island, but credits are shared among Gambino and three other Atlanta writers. As for the script itself, cinematographer Christian Sprenger (Atlanta) follows local singer and factory worker “Deni” (Donald Glover) and his girlfriend “Kofi” (Rihanna) with their island romance as the film’s backdrop. Meanwhile, “Deni” attempts to throw a secret music festival and write a song to unite his community on the island. However, the people of the community are rife with discomfort under the thumb of factory magnate, “Red’s Cargo” (Nonso Anozie, from Game of Thrones). This villain rules the region and tries to stop “Deni” and his music festival pursuits. Donald Glover himself has thrown a music festival of his own, Pharos, both in New Zealand and Joshua Tree National Park in 2018. Glover’s Pharos event first took place in 2016 in conjunction with Glover’s Grammy nominated, Awaken, My Love!.

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Guava Island was shot and filmed on private location in Cuba, inspired by the 2002 Brazilian film, City Of God and Prince’s 1984 Rock Drama, Purple Rain. The film’s beachside setting and it’s spirited folktale introduction lay the groundwork for the interpolation of previously released Gambino tracks including “This Is America,” “Summertime Magic,” and “Saturday,” into an uplifting tale where love and passion overcomes adversity for the sake and benefit of greater society, no matter how treacherous the path may be. Guava Island will continue to stream for all users without subscription until 6 PM EST on Amazon Prime.