Ill Bill Delivers His Newest Rhymes Like A Hulk Smash To The Face (Video)

It has been almost one year to the day since Brooklyn, New York native Ill Bill dropped his two-track collaborative project, Split, with Oakland Thrash band Ghoul, bridging the culture’s of both East and West Coast musicianship with hardcore Hip-Hop and Heavy Metal once again. The veteran Brooklyn MC’s last solo album, Septagram, was released back in 2016.

After lots of deliberation and work, the member of La Coka Nostra, Non Phixion, and Heavy Metal Kings has just released┬áCannibal Hulk. The Uncle Howie Records LP is entirely produced by Stu Bangas (Sean Price, Apathy, Cappadonna). Bill and Bangas have worked in similar circles in the past as well. The two have rocked records previously with Vinnie Paz, which led to Stu’s credits on Bill’s album, The Grimy Awards. Due to their past relationship and their shared love for comic books, the Beast Coast veterans have conceptualized this recent release. The cover art to the 10-track project is created by accomplished artist (and MC) Skam2 (Eminem, A Tribe Called Quest).

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Today, Ill Bill and Stu Bangas have released visuals to the project’s title track, “Cannibal Hulk.” Set in his hometown of New York, Ill Bill is found between two downtrodden buildings and a nondescript wall being set up for some panoramic artwork by a talented graffiti artist. As the artist sets up and readies his spray paint for a mural Marvel even would dig, Ill Bill gets to work over a criminal boom-bap beat from the artist who has released a series of instrumental albums and Diggaz Wit’ Attitude compilation alongside Vanderslice.

As the beat creeps in, Ill Bill rolls out. The product of BK’s Glenwood Houses spits, “Jump the Grand Canyon barefoot / Throw they helicopter a thousand miles from their hood / I personify rage / I could turn green before I can monetize pain / Mangled a cult / Ill Bill, Cannibal Hulk / Burn my eternal soul before I ever betray my internal oath.”

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Later, Bill gets grimier, “And when the shotty blows, adios / Not proud to say my uncle shot dope and sold Cosby coke / Artifacts, heartbreaking like a tear / Suicide bomb attack in Iraq / Beyond Rap / Society brainwashed, stay calm / Ice water like Raekwon / They artificial like a prosthetic arm / Listen, the pistol pop like champagne / And rock like Van Halen when they had Dave.”

Cannibal Hulk is available on limited edition vinyl, with various relate merchandise. The album features Vinnie Paz, fellow Non Phixion members Goretex and DJ Eclipse, as well as Slaine.