Jadakiss Has A Solo Album Coming Soon & The LOX Are Working Too (Video)

Joe Budden sat down with Jadakiss this month for the latest episode of Pull Up. For nearly an hour, Budden and ‘Kiss discuss a range of industry-related and personal topics. These include his relationship with Def Jam Records, both artists’ sons pursuing Rap careers, revenue in the streaming age, Rap’s need for unionization, and the New York City juice bars Jadakiss started with Styles P. Additionally, Jadakiss shared some details regarding his upcoming fifth solo album as well as a film and audio release from The LOX.

After discussing Rap’s need to unionize, Joe asks Jada’ when he’s coming back with new music (32:00). Jada responds, “Soon. Real soon. Actually, I’m shooting a single; I’m shooting my video on Sunday, hopefully, this week. [Although it might not happen this week]; I didn’t know Kid Art charged so much. Kid Art, he did the [‘Going Bad’] video for Drake and Meek. Shout out to him and Cardi. The video snapped.” Unclear if the video would go as first planned, the Yonkers, New York MC legend continues, “So we’re supposed to do that, and then I still got a couple more songs to finish. This project is going to be called Ignatius. That’s my man ‘Icepick’ that passed. That was his real name. So, this is like a more feeling, more pain, not too much turn-up. None of that. Just some music you can appreciate.”

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The title to Jadakiss’ forthcoming solo project, Ignatius, is in reference and homage to Jadakiss’ and the Ruff Ryder’s A&R manager, Ignatius “Icepick” Jackson. Jackson passed away on June 6, 2017, after his battle with colon cancer. Jackson worked as an executive producer on DMX’s Grand Champ, Jadakiss’ Kiss Of Death, and Eve’s Eve-Olution. He was also the associate producer and A&R for The LOX’s third album, Filthy America…It’s Beautiful.

At the end of 2017, Jadakiss partnered with Fabolous for Friday On Elm Street. Previously, he made Top 5 Dead Or Alive in ’15.

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Later in the interview (42:00), Jadakiss reveals that he, Sheek Louch, and Styles P are at work on a LOX documentary, due for release by the end of 2019. “It’s a tear-jerker actually. When we watched the first rough, everybody was in there like, ‘Oh sh*t,’ [mimicking crying]. So, it’s still room for another kind, I think, ’cause we only covered the LOX evolution to family-men and things of that nature, and didn’t touch a lot of the things that the people know us [for]. There’s a lot of  hings that happened, and some of that ain’t in there. So, there’s definitely room for a different one, but the one we got coming out is gon’ be amazing. We’ve been shooting it for years.”

Then, ‘Kiss discusses the new album. “[The documentary] gonna come out when the new album comes out. And we in the process of mixing and we doing the producer agreements right now for the new LOX album. The real LOX. It is gonna come out, so. It’s finally gonna come out. It’s not gonna be an EP; It’s gonna be a real full body of work, new LOX project with the documentary. This is on the kids. No, this year. Definitely. That’s why I’m having problems figuring out when I’m going to drop [Ignatius]. See, I’m just going to give a single, and let it ride out.”

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To close, Jada’ discusses his studio habits, what he likes to do in his free time, deciphering how to define someone’s “Top 5, Dead or Alive” lists, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” and the segregation between Hip-Hop against other music genres.