Drake & Meek Mill Show The Destruction They Avoided By Ending Their Beef (Video)

A year ago, Meek Mill and Drake’s relationship appeared to still be at an impasse. Certainly, there were physical barriers. While Drake was preparing his Grammy-nominated Scorpion, Meek Mill was still inside a Chester, Pennsylvania prison cell.

The two had been on the outs since Meek’s mid-2015 against his longtime collaborator. The Maybach Music Group rapper’s accusations forever added a thorny chapter to Drake’s legacy. Because of Meek Mill, one of the top-ranking entertainers of the last 10 years is looked at differently on the basis of songwriting.

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However, that offensive did not go according to Meek’s plan. While he stained Drake’s name by some Hip-Hop purists, it was Drizzy who punched back with not one but two diss tracks. One of those two, “Back To Back,” earned Drake a Grammy nomination at Meek’s expense. As he weathered that storm better than few could have imagined, Meek’s career took a fall. Despite making some of the best music of his career, the Philadelphia rapper lost his longtime girlfriend, admitted to a pill addiction, and eventually landed behind bars.

However, when that happened, Drake extended support with much of the Hip-Hop community to #FreeMeekMill. Bad blood could not stop a culture-wide call for prison and justice reform. Since last April, Meek’s been a free man. He and Drake peaced it up on stage, and as expected, Drake made a symbolic gesture by appearing on late 2018’s Championships.

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That collaboration, “Going Bad,” now gets the video treatment. The visual features T.I., Swizz Beatz, J. Prince, Nipsey Hussle, and others. Everybody is suited and living the boss life with serious expressions. However, while Drizzy and Meek walk together, there is a cutaway to a game of chicken. Each rapper is in a Rolls Royce. Flooring the hand-built luxury sedans (which are known for their incredible horsepower), they end in a head-on crash. The cars, costing as much as some mansions, are obliterated in a slow-motion sequence.

Neither appears to be injured, and the video resumes to the party sequence. Perhaps the Kid Art-directed video is a metaphor for the mid-2010s. Before that, and on Championships, these two artists make music together that they people seem to love. They pick up with they left off; a game is just a game. Both survived when the odds said they wouldn’t, and the party continues.