Kxng Crooked Reworks An OutKast Song With A Message About Being Driven

Throughout his extensive career, KXNG Crooked may have seemed like a music industry outcast. The Long Beach, California native weathered the storm of “Ringtone Rap” while remaining deeply rooted in his ways of dazzling lyricism. During the 1990s, he was an artist on Death Row Records at a time that likely made many peers apprehensive about working with the standout sensation of The Wake Up Show and former Noo-Trybe/Virgin Records act. However, no matter what seemed to marginalize Crook’, he has always found a way to break into the industry and snatch the attention of Hip-Hop fans using his skills for a crowbar.

In 2019, KXNG Crooked is doing this yet again with the weekly song series. Calling back to his late 2000s tactic to shower the sites and blogs with more than 50 songs, the Slaughterhouse co-founder is in top form. This week (#17), “Cadillac” plays on that idea of being that outcast while nodding to some OutKast. Each of the weekly songs has emulated 1990s Rap records (from Ice Cube to Nas to Mobb Deep). The latest song, (produced by Dizz), recreates the beat for Andre 3000 and Big Boi’s ATLiens staple, “Two Dope Boys (In A Cadillac).” Crook’ begins his rendition with a shout-out to Ambrosia For Heads and other sites that have supported his efforts. The lyrics look closely at making the patient, right moves to get here.

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I persevered in the game, took it to overtime / I stayed driven ’til I was given a chauffeur, I’m / I’m shifting the culture, y’all letting too many vultures dine / On the corpses of our legends, brethren, that’s horrifyin’ / Time to get these creatures and leeches out our habitat / Establish law-and-order, body count when I attack a track / One more Ice-T reference, the art of Rap is back / Me and Dizz, two dope boys in a Cadillac,” is how he closes out the first verse of the song named after the Caddy.

In the second verse, the blistering rhymes continue. “My childhood was a curse to me / Now I see it was necessary adversity / Adversity builds character, if the earth can see / The physical version of my character, it’d be Hercules / I passed up money and kept integrity / Antiperspirant, got a Degree in sweat equity / Passion, purpose, and honesty, I met destiny / Rest assure, reciprocity’s the best recipe,” he spits. The wordplay continues from there. Crooked I also shouts out 2BZ‘s founders (who used the ‘Kast song to name their site) as the Dizz beat plays out. The MC also vows to continue his 2019 run for the full 52 weeks.

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Notably, today (April 26) marks the 25th-anniversary of OutKast’s debut, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

#BonusBeat: Last week’s entry, “Party” (paying homage to Biggie’s “Party & Bullsh*t”):