Method Man Tells MCs What Time It Is With 2 Minutes Of BARS (Video)

Method Man is still dedicated to serving product from 2018’s Meth Lab Season 2: The Lithium. The Wu-Tang Clan MC made a visual to one of the independently-released LP’s standout songs, “Two More Mins.” Here, the veteran lyricist shows that even with TV shows, film credits, and classic songs under his belt, he is as still as hungry for microphone time as he was in the early days. In the straightforward visual, Meth’ spits potent bars from his laboratory, and looks the camera dead in the eye with deadpan sincerity.

Method Man spits a fierce rhyme that checks all class-mates in his Rap class, and reminds Heads that he is a vocal valedictorian. “I’m underrated, no attention from under-payment / I undertake ’em, where underground is an understatement / These under-ages ain’t understandin’ I’m under-graded / Under my status, you’ll see my picture, right, I’m the greatest I’m compensated, one composition, it’s complicated / My competition, number two, but it’s constipated / This unconditional, unconventional condemnation / It’s to convince you to find your way out the conversation / I’m so amazin’, break fast when most waitin’ / The beef bakin’, eggs is runny, my toast raisin’ / Suppose I blaze ’em / A lot of haters and most hate ’em / Ain’t gotta name ’em, or name the city that don’t claim ’em / And I don’t blame ’em, ultimately there’s ultimatum / It’s all verbatim, these rappers finished before I say ’em / Before the mayhem, there was Method, see mother made ’em / But mother F ’em in every method his mother gave ’em / So many rappers to kill, where did the time go?

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The song lives up to its name. It is a two-minute solo dose of one of the most captivating Rap voices of the last 25 years. As Hip-Hop waits for a proper solo album follow-up to 2004’s Tical 0: The Prequel, Meth’ picks his spots. From running point on Wu-Tang’s The Saga Begins to compilation projects like Meth Lab to features like J.I.D.’s “Hot Box,” there are plenty of crystalized verses to go around.

Method Man is well-aware that he does not get the props he feels he deserves on ranked lists, Top 5 sheets, and elsewhere. He’s mad about it too. Instead of being bitter, Iron Lung decides to display why he’s better.

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Meth Lab: Season 2 features Redman, Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, N.O.R.E., Masta Killa, and Sheek Louch, among others.