Method Man & Havoc Reunite For A Song All About That Street Life

Throughout the last 23 years, Method Man and Havoc have rich built a collaborative chemistry. Mr. Mef’ was a guest on Mobb Deep’s Hell On Earth in 1996, courtesy of “Extortion.” Two years after that, Hav’ produced “Play IV Keeps” from Method’s chart-topping sophomore solo LP. Since then, the Staten Island, New York legend called upon Mobb Deep’s producer for his third and most recent solo set, as well as his latest album with Redman. Iron Lung also returned the favor in recent years, on Hav’s The Silent Partner release with Alchemist.

Following late 2018’s Meth Lab Season 2: The Lithium, Method Man is working with 25-year-plus-year-affiliate Street Life. The MC heard on Tical is teaming with his friend and mentor for a 2019 collaborative project. Notably, he also penned the hook to Meth’s Grammy Award-winning “I’ll Be There For You/You’re All I Need To Get By.”

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With the collabo’ LP on the horizon, Meth’ and Street Life drop “Squad Up,” a song that is produced by and features Havoc. H-A-V uses martial arts film footage before bringing in his trademark pounding percussion. Right away, Mr. Mef’ fires up the track. “Look, red bones and red bottoms / Like Red Bull, we gone’ give ’em wings, we red dot ’em / Candy rappers, send ’em in, we Red Hot ’em / Head-shot ’em / Go against my grain, get head problems / Big dummy, garbage rappers, we Red Foxx / Shoot an actor in Hi-Def, then Red Box / Tip the scales in my favor, stay in your Top 10 / Life’s like a triple beam, I’m weighing my options / Y’all like, ‘Wild, Meth’, you high, Meth’ / Keep a big poppa’ ’cause I ain’t ready to die yet / I digress / Or I’m just too intense to digest / Stretched in a Pyrex / Compliments to my Chef / Game ain’t been the same since I left / Are they really crooks or just a pain in my neck? / Wu-Tang, ain’t no lames in my set / Fresh pair of Nike Airs, I just do it for my check / I’ll be the first to tell these rappers to get your bars up / Shout to P, you know it’s havoc when we mob up,” he spits. Crisp, clear, and clever, this is one of Method Man’s best verses in the last year.

Street Life spits next with a style that mirrors Meth’s. He favors slick wordplay and pop culture associations.

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Havoc closes things out with his signature punchy rasp delivery. He references his Wu-Tang associates in passing with a warning to imitators and funk-fakers. “Black Timbs and black mask / Basula, ni**as know they rap trash / My shooters get all up in dat ass / I maneuver, finish sh*t, no half-ass / Little ni**as, we birthed y’all, for real though / Protect ya neck, you stomped out with steel-toes / My real bro’s, respect the code, it’s real, yo / New ni**as lookin’ like some weirdos,” spits the Queens, New York double-threat.

Less than two months ago, Havoc was the lone guest on Cormega’s Mega EP. Method Man & Street Life’s upcoming album title and release date is to be announced later.