Tierra Whack’s New Video Proves She Can Eat Most MCs For Lunch

Tierra Whack is not only an incredible MC, but the way she presents her art is seriously influencing the way rappers release their music and visuals. In 2018, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native released Whack World, a 15-minute visual album featuring a different video for each track. It helped showcase Whack’s skills on the mic while also relaying her creativity and uniqueness in-front of the camera.

Last month, Tierra decided to build upon her one-of-a-kind method of releasing her music and announced she would be dropping a new single each week, dubbing the experiment “Whack History Month.” Tierra now drops the video for her fifth installment of the series. Titled “Unemployed,” the visual is a looking glass into Tierra Whack’s unconventional video style, making even a sack of potatoes animated.

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In the Cat Solen-directed visual, Tierra’s seen cutting up and smashing an endless pile of spuds, resembling an alternate version of a Bon Appétit video. Those potatoes then speak to her, and when she tries to fry them as french fries, they all began screaming.

You sippin’ on a drink that’s spiked / Enough for you to say goodnight / For the rest of your life / I know your sons won’t miss you, I did a favor for them ni**as / Took a loss to a winner Rick Ross, you been dinner / You ain’t fly, I make your wings stop / I’m real as f*ck and your ring’s not / Fresh as hell like a king’s socks / Your real car is a slingshot / Don’t need a gun, I use a slingshot / If I was a beverage You would have to drink hot,” she closes with short and creative bars.

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Previously, Tierra Whack released “Wasteland,” “Only Child,” “Clones,” and “Gloria,” among others from “Whack History Month.” In late 2018, Tierra Whack appeared on Funkmaster Flex’s HOT 97 show and showed any potentially remaining doubters that she’s at the top of the Rap food chain.