MF DOOM, Your Old Droog & Mach-Hommy Body A Beat Like King Kong (Audio)

Brooklyn, New York’s Your Old Droog surprised Hip-Hop Heads today with a track featuring MF DOOM and star sensation Mach-Hommy. Produced by V Don, “RST” shows off the talented trio flowing over a soulful, synth-heavy beat. For Droog, who has put in work throughout to mid-to-late 2010s, this work stands tall and mighty in an already-impressive catalog. It has been more than two years since Y.O.D. released Packs, featuring Edan, Wiki, Danny Brown, and a noteworthy Chris Crack appearance.

They say King Kong is back,” Droog announces at the top of the song’s intro. Y.O.D. wastes no time before kicking his verse: “Ayo, people hear Droog like, Where the hell you was at? We been waitin’ on you / And you still ain’t on top? Must be hatin’ on you / Them clowns shook if they ain’t wanna endorse you’s / Mad, ’cause ‘U’ on their heels like horseshoes.” Coolly, Droog weaves through the dusty, loop-based instrumental, ending with some sly bars that pierce as warning shots: “Went from Curious George to Magilla Gorilla / Couldn’t make it go away if I wanted, this thing strong / Final evolution, King Kong.”

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DOOM picks up where Droog leaves off, dropping a tongue-twisting verse of his own through signature monotone: “Clowns and clones sneaky as skull and bones / Wiretaps buggin’ phones, keys to a dozen homes / They movin’ all amongst us until they cover’s blown / Real weirdo sh*t, take you up out your comfort zone / Elephant in the room, King Kong on the couch / Remain elegant and in tune with what’s pourin’ out the mouth.”

New Jersey’s Mach-Hommy, who dropped a joint LP with DJ Muggs last month, picks up the ball and kicks raps that sound as if his flow is stumbling through a hallway. He pressures his contemporaries: “I told you on that Menu, I don’t play no D / I told you I would bend you like light through a prism / I told you I would send you like a kite, you wouldn’t listen / I told you I’d be in and out your life, you couldn’t picture.

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After a fourth and final verse from Droog, the track closes out with a simple two-bar sample from the legendary late Sean Price: “King Kong in the place / Big gun, watch the bullet, bing-bong in your face.” A classic line from Droog, who is very clearly a student and purveyor of the era that inspires him.

Press photograph by Mongoloid Banks.

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#BonusBeat: Frequent Y.O.D. collaborator Edan set his man up in the kitchen, for some old-school, live mic-rocking to a perfectly vintage ZZ Top riff:

This is part of a new series from the MC and the MC/DJ/producer called “Witch In The Kitchen.”