DJ Muggs Aims To Make Sure All Hip-Hop Heads Know Mach-Hommy’s Name (Audio)

Mach-Hommy may not be a widely-known name outside of a hardcore corner within the Hip-Hop scene, but for those who do know it, it’s hears as something like a myth. His reputation is that of a secret weapon for producers who favor dusty samples, like Alchemist or Knxwledge. He made a major appearance on last year’s Weather Or Not album by Evidence, voted 2018’s best album by Ambrosia For Heads readers. He also shared high-profile real estate with MF DOOM, Kool G Rap and Raekwon on DJ Muggs’ Soul Assassins: Dia del Asesinato LP.

The New Jersey MC has remained prolific since his breakout LP, HBO (Haitian Body Odor), which initially was sold through Instagram direct messages at $300 a pop ($1,000 on his official website, and it’s sold out). Mach-Hommy reportedly uses a low-budget microphone to record concise, clear-cutting rhymes by way of an unorthodox flow, which hears as dizzying to some, but mesmerizing to many. He’s respected and collaborated with artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, Roc Marciano, and Conway The Machine. However, in the spirit of DOOM or early Ghostface Killah, this MC regularly keeps his identity covered. His music is his primary calling card.

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After seemingly going deliberately under the radar, Mach is gearing up to unleash a project made entirely by a multi-platinum legend, Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs.

“His flow is ridiculous,” Muggs told Complex‘s Angel Diaz in a recent interview. “To me, he’s like a Jazz musician, like Miles Davis. The way he raps, he’ll go totally off-beat then come back on-beat. His references — you’ve never heard his references. His rhyme patterns — you’ve never heard them. He flips from English, to Creole, to Spanish, and he evokes that hard, gutter, street sh*t without having to be like ‘Yo, I’m slangin’ dope, I got the homie that’s the shooter, I’m from the hood.’ It’s mad unorthodox.”

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Muggs revealed this month that the upcoming entry within his “Vs.” series will be a collaboration record with Mach-Hommy, titled Tuez-Les Tous (translated to “Kill Them All”). DJ Muggs’ series started back in 2005 with Grandmasters, a collaboration LP featuring GZA. After three additional LPs featuring rappers Ill Bill, Planet Asia, Sick Jacken and Cynic, DJ Muggs paused working on the “Vs.” Series in 2010, but eventually picked up the pace in 2017 with Gems From The Equinox, alongside Meyhem Lauren, 2018’s Frozen Angelsagain with Meyhem Lauren, 2018’s KAOS with Roc Marciano, and the most recent Hell’s Roof with Eto, which dropped at the top of this month. During that same run, Muggs was also at the production helm for Cypress Hill’s Elephants On Acid.

DJ Muggs and Mach-Hommy’s first single from Tuez-Les Tous comes with the grimy “900K,” a hard-hitting instrumental tinged in paranoia and threats. Mach’s hook stands as a firm warning in Creole, roughly translating to: “Be still, just chill, This tall, it might be a big deal, 900K / Me? I’m one mill, but you still need 100K to steal.

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“Mach is one of the greatest talents to ever walk the earth,” Muggs added to Complex about his latest counterpart. The Cypress Hill DJ and producer also told the publication that “once Mach and I connected everything just flowed. First of all, you must understand we vibrate on a higher level than most. Mach-Hommy moves with grace and ease through the creative process, and he has an intelligence that comes along very few and far between. There are originators, and there are imitators. Mach-Hommy is one of one.”

The MC also expressed why he chose to work with Muggs for a full project, stating: “It takes about 10,000 hours to master a skill. That’s what they say. DJ Muggs for example, that man is basically 30-for-30… he’s been holding it down for over three decades, goin’ on four. And what about the subconscious hours…you feel me? Albert Einstein had his greatest revelation in a dream! Whether it’s one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of the 20th century, or a sonic composition so polarizing that it shifts the zeitgeist in its favor for the next 100 years. Say what you will, but certain people always keep ‘one in the head’ and to that I can relate.”

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Billboard also spoke with Mach-Hommy for an interview — his third, to be exact, and second with writer Sweeney Kovar. When Kovar asked Mach-Hommy how he developed a relationship with DJ Muggs, Mach-Hommy revealed: “Whatever the diametric opposite of grossly misinformed is, that’s him. But what was most impressive is how he managed not to make any of the many preconceived moral value judgments about me, my creative process, or even my immediate circle, all the faux pas that many others before him had made up until then. But, you know, as they say much too often, real recognize real. He’s not afraid to teach and at the same he’s not afraid to learn as well.”

For a MC receiving recognition from media and respect from some of the greatest rappers and producers in the game today, Mach-Hommy still doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, nor does he take many photos without being decked out in full-on Ralph Lauren Polo Sport gear, and covering his face with Haitian imagery. When asked why he’s making art in the first place, Mach-Hommy infamously told Kovar: “The respect just opens a conversation. I’m here for the bag, son. I’m here for the f*cking bag of money, you dumb ass.”

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He’s not afraid of charging triple digit numbers for an album he created, and he’s not pressured into putting his music on any streaming service. Mach-Hommy, by all means, is an authentic musician, and DJ Muggs aims to serve him up an instrumental platform that truly showcases that this year.

#BonusBeat: Here’s “Floorseats,” a track from The Alchemist’s 2017 album, The Good Book, Vol. 2, featuring Mach-Hommy: