Cypress Hill Says DJ Muggs Is Dead In Their Weirdest Video Ever

Cypress Hill will release their long-awaited Elephants On Acid album in less than five weeks (September 28). The first C.H. LP in nearly a decade puts founding group member DJ Muggs back at the production controls. Based on this month’s first video single “Band Of Gypsies,” and some early accounts from Muggs himself, the psychedelic affair has a sound to match the album’s LSD-inspired title.

In an animated video by Felix Colgrave, the trip only gets weirder. DJ Muggs provides the music to his own funeral. In a sequence that looks inspired by edibles, Alice In Wonderland, and splashes of Grateful Dead laser show sequences, a series of characters carry the Queens, New York-born artist’s casket to a grave.

DOOM & DJ Muggs Assassinate Kanye West In Their Latest Video

With a drum line, a repetitive vocal, and echo effects, the funeral procession is another alluring set-up to Elephants On Acid. Muggs, of course, is very much alive. With the hit-maker for C.H., Ice Cube, House Of Pain, and others at the helm back in his swivel chair, fans have plenty to be excited about. B-Real and Sen Dog do not rap on the song. It is unclear if the percussion is from the handiwork of Eric Bobo. Muggs previously stated that some of this LP was recorded in Egypt.

Earlier this month, Muggs and MF DOOM staged an animated assassination of Kanye West in their “Assassination Day (Trust No One)” video. That single belongs to the recently-released Soul Assassins: Dia Del Asesinato LP.