DOOM & DJ Muggs Assassinate Kanye West In Their Latest Video

Artistically, DJ Muggs pulls no punches. The Cypress Hill co-founder is known for a raw and uncompromising style. His brand is Soul Assassins, and from GZA to Sick Jacken, Ill Bill to Planet Asia, he historically aligns with MCs that are not afraid to speak their mind on the microphone.

Today (August 10), Muggs releases Soul Assassins: Dia Del Asesinato (Assassination Day). A month before Cypress Hill’s first album in eight years, the Queens, New York native links with Freddie Gibbs, Raekwon, and Kool G Rap on his 12-track solo album. The project also has two powerful songs with MF DOOM.

DOOM, DJ Muggs & Freddie Gibbs Serve Eye For An Eye Justice To Real-Life Killers (Video)

In late June, the first of those songs, “Death Wish,” was delivered in an animated video. In the grim presentation by Edgar Neri and Patric Magno, Oscar Grant’s killer (Johannes Mehserle) and Trayvon Martin’s killer (George Zimmerman) are dealt eye-for-an-eye justice in the most brutal of ways. This of course comes after no convictions were made in either the Black man or the Black teen’s respective wrongful death.

That concept recurs in the Muggs-directed video to “Assassination Day (Trust No One).” Set in year 2020, the Soul Assassins’ skeleton surveys a political rally that includes White Supremacists awaiting the arrival of a Presidential candidate. From the van, the “Soul Assassin” looks on.

Nearby, he finds a building and sets up shop with a sniper rifle and scope from a high-level vantage point in a window. While DOOM delivers his verse to Muggs’ sinister beat, the stage is set. With “Keep American Great – 2020” signs in the crowd, the shooter. As he sets up, the target is Kanye West. The shooter hits West in the center of the forehead, prompting a gruesome effect. The ensuing montage reveals that Kanye ran for President. In the next sequence, Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump learn of the assassination from a TV report and laugh. It appears that the agenda worked.

The assassin loads his weapon, returns to his van, and drives off.

Cypress Hill Are Releasing Their 1st Album In 8 Years. The 1st Video Is A Trip.

Kool G Rap appears on the album version of this song.