Joyner Lucas & Logic Make Peace To Go To War With Wack MCs (Video)

Two years ago, Logic and Joyner Lucas were engaged in a publicized Rap beef. While both MCs made appearances on Tech N9ne’s 2016 song “Sriracha,” problems were seemingly lingering at the time. Joyner, during a breakout rise, had been critical of the MC/producer already with two gold albums under his belt. Notably, Lucas affirmed his peer’s rapping abilities but pointed out that Logic “tries to prove that he’s Black too much for me” while on Everyday Struggle later that year. Reportedly, the tensions ignited from perceived resistance over the Tech collaboration, and Logic allegedly taking six months to complete his part of the song. Meanwhile, Logic, a dominant force in Rap throughout the decade, took umbrage with the jeers.

To complicate matters further, following “Sriracha,” Logic created a multi-platinum crossover hit with  suicide-prevention effort“1-800-273-8255.” Joyner, who says he had played tracks for the Visionary Music Group staff, felt the concept was a bit too close for comfort from his LP, 508-507-2209 and its video single, “I’m Sorry.”

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Disses followed, including Joyner’s “Mask On” take on Future’s single. Logic followed with “Yuck.” As the latter MC went through a high-profile divorce, Lucas used social media to take a jab at the family matter, including giving the rapper’s ex a fast follow.

In the last two years, things have changed between Logic and Joyner. Now each MC is Grammy-nominated. Fresh off of this month’s Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind album release, Bobby Tarantino gives Joyner a major piece of roll-out for his upcoming ADHD LP, his first since parting ways with Atlantic Records.

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“Isis” is a symbolic armistice from two artists who are masters of drawing narrative, creating symbolism, and taking fast-rap and wordplay to YouTube trending visuals. The two skilled MCs are dressed as soldiers in w*rtime. However, these are allies in this circumstance, even if one reveal in the video shows Joyner locked in on Logic as a captive facing potential execution. Complete with an airstr*ke, Hummers, and plenty of assa*lt weap*ns, this video plays on the song title.

However, as brothers in arms, both Bobby and Joyner take new, unified aim at all those testing them. With a preface to song citing “impulsive behaviors” as a symptom of ADHD, these two perhaps make a case for a bit of an ugly media feud. “Ni**as throwin’ stones at my glass house / I remember sleepin’ on my dad’s couch / Now I got the Bentley, and it’s blacked out / Family lookin’ at me like a cash cow / Er’ybody dissin’ just to have clout / Thought you had a chance, now you assed out / Ni**a, I’m the motherf*ckin’ man, where you at now?” Joyner begs, using “whoa” for emphasis after each bar. Following a late 2018 tiff with Tory Lanez, Joyner speaks openly to anybody who doubts him, that they can get it over beats or in the streets.

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Logic begins addressing the elephant in the room. “Me and Joyner need a couple hearses / Double homicide, kill the beat and the verses / Everybody livin’ on the surface / But we came from the underground, yeah, we deserve it / What’s beef? Beef is when you murder motherf*ckas on a beat, kill ’em all, kill ’em all / Nah, nah, what’s beef? Beef is brothers dyin’ over sh*t that never mattered in the first place, lyin’ in the street / What’s peace? Peace is when you leave it in the past, let it heal like a cast / When enough time pass, and you blast / Kinda like John Wick, bars like a convict / F*ck around and you don’t wanna start sh*t.” The Maryland MC/producer uses “woo” as his complementary cadence to Joyner’s “whoa.” The structure of the excerpt plays on The Notorious B.I.G.’s “What’s Beef?” which has gotten recent attention as the basis for Meek Mill, JAY-Z, and Rick Ross’ “What’s Free.” In his rendition of the chorus, Bobby also suggests he feels snubbed for not receiving a Grammy Award last year, despite two nominations. The song is produced by Boi-1da, Nox Beats, and Rocktee.

Notably, Logic reveals that Royce 5’9 was the mediator to mend the fences in his relationship with Joyner. Logic appeared on a “Caterpillar (Remix)” to last year’s Book Of Ryan, named one of Ambrosia For Heads’ best ’18 albums. Lucas and Royce partnered on Hamilton’s “Wrote My Way Out (Remix).” Previously, Joyner released ADHD singles “I Love” and controversial video “Devil’s Work.”

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In a recent interview with AFH TV, Tech N9ne spoke about landing in the center of Rap beefs. The Kansas City, Missouri vet has appeared on collaborations with Joyner, Logic, Machine Gun Kelly, and Token that have raised more than a few eyebrows.

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