Joyner Lucas Strikes Back Against Tory Lanez & He Gets Specific (Audio)

Earlier today (November 20), Tory Lanez responded to Joyner Lucas’ challenge to prove he is the better rapper. It started when Tory told a social media audience of fans that he was better. Lucas caught wind and asked Lanez to prove it. Within a day, the Toronto, Canada MC and singer threw a series of verbal jabs at the Worcester, Massachusetts MC. He did so over the “Lucky You” instrumental that Lucas blessed as a guest on Eminem’s Kamikaze.

In response, Joyner warned Tory (as well as another opponent, Trippie Redd) not to go to sleep. Before the day ended, the Atlantic Records artist got in his reply. He used Meek Mill and Lanez’ 2017 “Litty” instrumental, and went to work throwing some battle bars back in Tory’s lane. The MC co-signed by Eminem and Busta Rhymes listened to his opponent’s attack. He studied closely and then upped the ante by getting specific when he returned the shots.

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What’s up with you R&B ni**as try’na turn rappers and trappers? / You should just stay in your lane, bro, you sound like ‘PaRappa The Rapper’ / I’m looking down on you when you talk to me, you should grab you a ladder / You swung at me, only jabbed at my bladder / Watch you disappear like you abracadabra / Now grab me a dagger / You got some hits but you lacking a swagger / I’m still the sh*t, b*tch, so that doesn’t matter / Don’t call me a ‘kid,’ I’m your papi and dada / You get splattered and flattened / You and Trippie better have you some backup / Ren and Stimpy looking agi’ and staggered / And when I kill ’em, they get madder and madder / Time to get litty, b*tch, f*ck all that singin’ / You challenge me, what the f*ck is you thinkin’? / Way too much weed, what the f*ck is you drinkin’? / I brought the tsunami, you f*ckers are sinkin’,” he raps, going at both peers.

Lucas also accuses Tory of biting the styles of 2 Chainz and T-Pain. He creates a chorus that returns to the root of the challenge: “Why you bring my name up in the first place, Tory? / You ain’t f*cking with me on my worst day, Tory / Wasn’t better than me when I was in first grade, Tory / We can do this every year on your birthday, Tory / Every summer, every winter, every Earth day, Tory / Every Tuesday, every Thursday, Tory / It’s gon’ be a motherf*ckin’ anniversary, Tory / You done f*cked up, now you need first aid, Tory.” It’s a page used in the Drake vs. Meek Mill playbook, as Joyner wants his words to be catchy.

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Lucas continues to keep the gloves off and the hands moving in the second verse. “I’m the leader of the new school with a screw loose / All you ni**as Blues Clues with a fruit juice / Turn your Jimmy Choo shoes into FUBU, ni**a / You do what you can, I do what I choose to / I get litty in this b*tch for my city / Only few real ni**as left, they ain’t many / They compare me to Em, they compare you to Iggy / They compare me to Meth’, they compare you to Dizzy / I’m Leonardo Da Vinci, I paint a picture with color / I already got cake and I don’t need a butler / We already got Drake and we don’t need another.” Joyner puts himself on a pedestal and mentions other rappers without fear of bringing more artists into this challenge. “I’ma do what Travis should’ve did a while ago / I’ma do what Drake should’ve did a while ago / Throw your ass off a cliff, make you say, ‘Geronimo’ / Then you had one chance, now you slumped on  / Go back in the booth, make another love song / What you gon’ do when the f*cking blunt’s gone?”

Moments later, he throws in more Rap mentions. “Murder you in your wack little Cat in the Hat bag/ Finna stab if you jab back, and I clap at you mad fast / When you sing, you ain’t half bad, but you rapping like Ras Kass / And I bet that you mad sad ’cause you ’bout to get laughed at / And buried in trash bags or left in a hatchback.” He calls himself the dinosaur to Tory’s goat, and throws some more personal words at Trippie.

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At the end of the song, and all of its savagery, Joyner suggests that he and Tory Lanez should collaborate. While that may be a reach for the time being, it is hard to think that this challenge ends here. Other rappers mentioned here may have something to say too.