Phonte & Open Mike Eagle Go Verse For Verse With Jokes About Who’s More Woke (Video)

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Open Mike Eagle’s Comedy Central show with Baron Vaughn has produced a lot of unique visuals, most of which draw on Black Identity in present day America. Last week, Open Mike teamed up with MF DOOM for a visual about police brutality called “Police Myself,” and this week, the Chicago, Illinois-born MC enlisted Phonte for a battle over who is more “woke.”

While in a barbershop, the two argue over who is most up on issues of privilege, climate change, and race. “He say ‘woke,’ but he ain’t woke enough / I’m droppin’ facts that make his third eye open up,” Mike raps in opening the first verse of the Bionik-produced track. “He’s still in mental jail / I see him tail-spinnin’ / His woke frail / He can’t even see his male privilege / Carbon footprint small / Man, I kinda doubt it / Real woke brothers live in tiny houses / I ain’t never been sleep, it’s excruciating / I been woke so long, I’m hallucinatin.’” While Eagle and Phonte duke it out, comedians The Lucas Brothers are nearby playing an arcade game called Wokken Fighter, with characters that include “Campus Crusader,” “Hotep” and “Info-Warrior.”

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The New Negroes airs Fridays at 11 pm EST on Comedy Central. Last year, Mike released an EP, What Happens When I Try To Relax. At the end of March, Phonte released a surprise EP containing four new songs. It was his first project drop since 2018’s No News Is Good News.