Rah Digga & Planet Asia Are Lyrical Legends Bringing Doomsday To All Pretenders (Audio)

Since Planet Asia came on the scene towards the end of the 1990s, he has cooked up quality product at an impressive rate. Not only has the Fresno, California MC dropped countless albums, EPs, mixtapes, and collabs, he is behind the Gold Chain Military movement that includes a number of highly-skilled MCs and the extra prolific production duo DirtyDiggs. What’s more, the Cali Agents co-founder has been making some of his best work recently. Anchovies with Apollo Brown, Dirty Planet with DirtyDiggs, The Golden Buddha, Mansa Musa, and Border Brothers with Killa Kali, which were all released within the last three years.

New material from King Medallions is always warmly received by Heads, especially when he has not dropped in a while. Such is the case with Initials On My Jewelry, his latest street album that is wholly produced by DirtyDiggs (minus one track that’s hooked up by Eddie Brock). It is rare these days for the Asiatic Prince to wait until so deep into the year to satisfy fans craving for his high caliber wordplay. However, this new LP does not disappoint. The offering has a soulful Funk feel that accompany the MC’s laid-back flow.

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On a guitar-driven track titled “Doomsday Preppers,” P.A. links up with New Jerusalem’s mic manipulator Rah Digga to get militant about silencing the competition. The L.A.-based vet smoothly slits throats with slick bars like, “Pure sorcery, digital doctrines / Fans fiending for physical copies / Streets screaming ‘we finna go cop it’ / Respect the missiles / Legends that will still diss you / Now what this do? / My skull a mysterious crystal / Thoughts travel at high speeds like a car chase / The carbon-based Scarface / That’s costly / Mahogany thoughts / My dynasty’s cloth / To court you ought to be brought / And properly fought / Streets never let that meat thaw / So, why you wanna f*ck with me for?” Asia is clearly operating on a higher level.

Not to be outdone, Digga swings at the fences with aggressive lines like, “There’s a storm coming, I think I need a prep day / In fact, All I need is my SK / I’m green beret, I’m special ops / Better be spitting that prolific, if I’ma let you rock / Getting specific with my disses, reply, you better not / Different dimension from this b*tches, you need a Telepod.”

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Even if the end of the world should happen, these two veterans served up heat until the very end. Initials On My Jewelry also involves Hus KingPin and TriState, among others.