Apollo Brown & Planet Asia Made One Of The Year’s Best LPs. “Get Back” Shows Why (Video)

Apollo Brown & Planet Asia’s collaborative album Anchovies holds rank as one of this summer’s more cohesive and standout projects.

Similar to the video for the LP’s second single “The Aura,” the bare-bones visual of third single “Get Back” showcases the two through a grainy lens standing under a bridge, riding in a car, and a pool-hall in Brown’s Motown stomping grounds. The sauntering “oooh” sampled melody in A.B.’s production and the Cali Agent’s rhyme wizardry with no chorus reflects the video director Diego Evans’ cinematography, eschewing flash for substance.

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The title “Get Back” is a warning shot from Planet Asia who dares wack MCs to step up and get their feelings hurt with no remorse from the Fresno, California-bred veteran. Both men have made their mark by keeping their sound raw and original with some of the best underground Hip-Hop rappers and producers in the game.

Both P.A. and A.B. are two of Hip-Hop’s more prolific artists. Like its food inspiration, Anchovies hangs around longer than most. This one is sweet, and should satisfy an array of palettes.

Apollo Brown & Planet Asia Bring Out Some Of The Best In Each Other (Video)

#BonusBeat: Anchovies‘ full stream:

Guests include Michigan MCs Guilty Simpson and Willie The Kid, plus Du-Rag Dynasty’s Tri-State.