Wale Uses Roy Ayers For Inspiration To Ramp Up The Summer (Lyric Video)

Last year Wale kept his fan-base satiated with three EPs worth of music. From Spring to Fall, the veteran MC delivered It’s Complicated, Self Promotion, and Free Lunch. In 2019, the Warner Records artist has been working on some things behind the scenes. However, in a new Thelonius Martin-produced single, his fresh sounds see “Daylight.”

The veteran producer for A$AP Rocky, Skyzoo, and Joey Bada$$ honors RAMP (aka Roy Ayers Music Productions) and their 1977 song of the same name. Hip-Hop Heads know “Daylight” (embedded below) for being the a key element in A Tribe Called Quest’s “Bonita Applebum.”

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Pushing along the warm-weather vibes, Wale uses his track to showcase some inner-thoughts. “Yo, summer is approaching / I am the super eagle that humble these vultures / I’m hungry, I’m focused / I’m troubled, I’m introverted,” spits the veteran who has been many things since “Nike Boots” in the mid-2000s.

Wale examines the space and seemingly suggests that some artists crutching mental health issues for attention. Meanwhile, the hit-maker wants more credit. “How it seems ain’t how it is, so f*ck perceptions / I’ve come to grips that you ni**as slipped on my recent efforts / I cause a bedlam on beats, embarrass these people that pretend / If life’s a b*tch, pray my b*tches inches is Lisa Leslie / What you impressed with I find depressing / No really, I’m ’bout to finish this Valium prescription / These ni**as using anxiety for an aesthetic / While I struggle in some environments after I settle / Switchin’, ni**a been vicious with that mic though / Built the enterprise so ni**as drive from what I run I know/  I’m psycho, but damn sure I’m tight though / And I stand for this love sh*t, so my skins got rights, ho, / My album finished, I’m just out here playin’.” In the verse, Wale also suggests that he’s got his follow-up to 2017’s SHINE in the tuck. Wale wants anybody who may have missed It’s Complicated, Self Promotion, and Free Lunch to catch up, and fast.

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Wale and the season are both just heating up.

#BonusBeat: RAMP’s 1977 version of “Daylight”: