Freddie Gibbs Freestyles Holding His Baby & Crowns Himself The Best Rapper Alive

Freddie Gibbs is not playing. Just under one month after releasing Bandana with Madlib, the veteran MC from Gary, Indiana is in a very confident stride. After more than a dozen years on the grind, the lyricist appears on The L.A. Leakers’ show to freestyle, with his baby on his lap.

Speaking to Peter Rosenberg on Real Late earlier this month, Gangsta Gibbs shed tears and got choked up when discussing how a false accusation almost cost him a chance to be a present father. Now, he’s a dad and a respected rapper at the same time. In this case, it turns into bring-your-baby-to-work-day.

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Spitting to Dom Kennedy’s 2012 “My Type Of Party” beat, “Freddie Kane” gets busy. “I cut off all my muh’f*ckin’ losses and put a win up / Kickin’ like karate, that China white in the blender / Sent that sh*t to Michigan City and tear the pen up / Mama said the federal prison I would end up / Attorney like six-hundred an hour just to defend us,” he says near the top.

Then he references his RCA Records label-mate Maxo Kream with some wordplay. “Not a fat ni**a, but I been gettin’ max cream / ‘Matics lining up to get injected like a vaccine / Chopper on me daily, it’s not safe livin’ a Rap dream / Ni**as poppin’ hella Rap-cap for the Rap cream / ‘Ye’s on my phone, Blaze on my phone / Rule’s on my phone, gang’s on my phone, Dre’s on my phone / Lamb’ put me on, Josh put me on / Tunji put me on, Ghazi put me on, God put me on / Now I can sit back in mansion / Gettin’ blasted, my chef gettin’ it crackin’.” Shouting out his team, including the late producer/engineer Josh The Goon, Freddie passionately raps about how he’s upgraded in life, in the street, and musically.

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He closes honoring Nipsey Hussle. “Rest in peace, Nip’ / Real king of the street sh*t / The marathon ain’t never stop, you put these ni**as on they feet, Crip.” Within moments of finishing his passionate freestyle verse, Freddie touts into the mic, “Best rapper alive,” and gets up and makes an exit.

That “best rapper” sentiment echoes a recent Instagram post with Bandana guest Pusha-T, who he feels is on the same royal level. In that same interview with Rosenberg, the confident and competitive Gibbs spoke about his drive to outdo his peers, including fellow Madlib affiliate and recent collaborator, MF DOOM.


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