Tyler, The Creator Repeatedly Flirts With Funkmaster Flex In An Insane Freestyle

From the inception of his career, Tyler, The Creator has been nothing, if not controversial. The enigmatic and charismatic leader of the Odd Future collective has relished in stirring people up, whether it be through outlandishly homophobic jokes or references to being the son of the devil. Though his first album was titled Goblin, it could just as easily have been called “Troll,” to reflect the practice Tyler has elevated to an art form, in garnering attention.

Recently, Tyler sat down with Funkmaster Flex, a longtime Hip-Hop personality known to rev a few engines of his own, with his actions and words, for an extended interview and freestyle, and their time together was filled with antics. The two men discussed everything from the Pusha-T and Drake beef to the merits of marriage (or lack thereof) with a built-in “cheat week” to the perceptions they had of one another prior to meeting. The conversation also was filled with a fair amount of sexual innuendo being directed by Tyler toward Flex.

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At 82 minutes into the video, Flex re-directs their interaction to its originally-intended purpose: a freestyle from Tyler. Although outrageous behavior sometimes overshadows his prodigious musical talent, Tyler’s skills take center stage as he unleashes nearly 7 minutes of frenzied freestyles. Whether by design or truly as a result of him going “off the top,” the bars come in fits and starts as he peels off one barrage of stream of consciousness rhymes after another.

Tyler starts off paying tribute to A$AP Rocky, his friend and peer who is currently being held in a Swedish detention center, as he awaits trial for an alleged assault. He raps “Ay. Free Rocky. Free Rakim / I might fly to Swe-den to free him / Braid my wig, A$AP tat on my ribs / switch with him, then I can f*ck all the Sweden men / That I wanna, actually I’m gonna / Heat it up real quick motherf*cka I’m Lebron-a.”

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Tyler, who has long vacillated between mocking gay people and claiming he, himself, is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, continues with explicit sexual references and begins to direct them at Funkmaster Flex. “Me and Flex looking in the index / For buff net ni**as just for some hot butt sex,” he spits, eliciting an incredulous reaction from Flex.

Tyler goes on to request Flex throw out topics about which he should rhyme and, when Flex says “cars,” a passion for which both he and Tyler share, Tyler has his finest moment, boasting about the cars he drives in an undeniable cadence. Throughout the freestyle, it seems Tyler is simply letting his engine purr, rather than fully opening up to show his full horse power.