JAY-Z, Beyoncé & Childish Gambino Are In A Royal Mood (Audio)

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This weekend, The Lion King opens to the masses. Starring the voices of Donald Glover, Beyoncé, Seth Rogen, James Earl Jones, and others, Disney’s 25th-anniversary update on a classic franchise is expected to ring cash registers at box offices everywhere.

In conjunction with the film, Beyoncé is at the helm for Lion King: The Gift, a companion to the cast’s Elton John and Tim Rice soundtrack. Released through Bey’s Parkwood Entertainment, the 27 tracks involve JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Donald Glover (keeping his “Childish Gambino” moniker alive), Pharrell Williams, Blue Ivy Carter, and Kareem “Biggs” Burke’s new artist, SAINt JHN.

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A highlight within the collection of songs inspired by various African sounds and styles is “MOOD 4 EVA.” The track unites Bey’, Jay, and Childish Gambino for a moment that stretches beyond the film, and captures the zeitgeist of three media moguls protecting their narrative.

I know my enemy prey on me, so pray for me  /Tick, tick, wait on it / I’m keepin’ down my body count / I’m finessin’ like a trap bounce, a trap bounce / ‘Cause every day above ground is a blessing / I done leveled up now, view panoramic / None of my fears can’t go where I’m headed / Had to cut ’em loose, now I’m loose, break the levy,” thumps Beyoncé, penning words that likely resonate with many.

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Just as did on last summer’s Grammy-winning EVERYTHING IS LOVE, The Carters match energy. Jay confirms the billionaire report while remembering several of his fallen friends in Michael Jackson, Nipsey Hussle, and Biggie Smalls. “That’s a billi’, a thousand milli’ / First one to see a B out these housing buildings / I be feelin’ like Prince in ’84 / Mike in ’79, Biggie in ’97, ’94 Nas / Ali bomaye, no kumbaya Just give me the sommelier / I’m on La Tâche Helmet, on a jet-ski, you know the vibes / Hit my head, forget I’m me / Oh my God, without the God in the XY / I’m afraid the whole game would be colonized / The marathon will be televised for N.I.P. /​ ‘Cause true kings don’t die, we multiply, peace.” Jay manages to provide motivation, compare himself to the best, and possibly let the world know that he’s aware of the jet-ski meme.

After Jay, Bey’ comes back to flex. “I’m so unbothered, I’m so unbothered / Y’all be so pressed while I’m raisin’ daughters / Sons of empires, y’all make me chuckle / Stay in your struggle, crystal blue water / Piña colada-in’, you stay Ramada’in / My baby father, bloodline Rwanda / Why would you try me? Why would you bother? / I am Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter.

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Glover closes out the moment in the same mood. In a few fragments, he says so much: “All praise to / My enemies still praise / Get along / ‘Cause I’ve bet on myself / I’m dancin’ / Ancestors in my step / Now I move better, ooh / And I live on, on / I feel a change goin’ on / Royalty in my blood, run the kingdom / The more money, more problem season / But don’t nothin’ get you out your way / Rise up higher.

As Lion King brings families together, hopefully, this royal collaboration can provide inspiration and information to people of all ages.

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