Tired Of Waiting: Reason & Cozz Scheme To Rob J. Cole & Top Dawg (Audio)

Reason and Cozz are two rising sensations on stacked rosters. In 2018, Cozz played a respectable role in Dreamville’s takeover, thanks to his Effected album. That LP saw the Los Angeles, California veteran working with Kendrick Lamar as well as the artist who signed him, J. Cole. Shortly after Effected, Reason popped up on the scene as 2018’s big Top Dawg Entertainment announcement. The Carson, California native’s stellar single “The Soul” was followed by a remastered re-release of his pre-deal mixtape, There You Have It.

Both Cozz and Reason are jockeying for position through quality and consistency. On other labels, they may be fast flagship artists. However, Dreamville and TDE are about patience, development, and chipping away at albums that last through the ages.

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“LamboTruck” is a song recorded for Friday (July 5’s) Revenge Of The Dreamers III. J. Cole confirmed the drop yesterday (July 1). Cozz joined his label-mates in January for an invitation-only block of studio sessions. Reason was among the guests invited. This new song, which also features Childish Major, sees Cozz admit that he wants to explore making a move to TDE.

Bills like nymphos, they keep coming / Always something, something, something / Copped some things, but I ain’t fed / Dreams alive, my wallet dead / Pockets been bleeding I got a reason to commit treason / But I’ma hit Reason and see what he think / About how he been treated at TDE / ‘Cause I done been scheming / ScHoolboy just dropped, give me the cue / I’m desperate enough to go do what it do / SZA done popped and y’all got Dot / I heard Jay Rock has been moving them units / Soul and Isaiah Rashad, boy, you ni**as really at the top,” Cozz raps in the first verse. A few bars later, he adds, “I talked to Bas, we fiending for more / A ni**a done tried speaking to Cole / He be too busy, but he be the bro / Sh*t, f*ck it, I know how it go / So if I can’t get a response from my label / And get some more food on my table / We can turn this thing into a fable / And take what I can if I’m able.

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As Cozz raps about frustration, Reason relates—and has a scheme in mind. Instead of switching teams, the MC proposes a jux. “Lately, been spinning like laundromats / Lately, I been seeing all kinds of black / Wait, look, I’m lying, look Cozz, look, I done been broke too long / Ni**a bills too long, can’t hide that, ni**a / Cole just pulled up in a Lamborghini truck / On the homies and God, we should rob that ni**a,” he suggests.

In the third verse, both MCs interplay with a frustrated conversation about how they are going to get it. In the end, they agree that Cozz will rob Top Dawg’s founding namesake, while Reason will stick up Cole. Heads who remember Kendrick Lamar’s “DUCKWORTH.” may recall that Top knows his way around a heist.

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While the concept song is all in good fun, it shows two labels who treat the craft of rapping with intensity but do not take themselves too seriously. One thing is for sure, that sense of urgency for both Cozz and Reason is real.

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#BonusBeat: A second R.O.T.D. 3 song dropped today, “Costa Rica,” featuring Bas, J.I.D., Buddy, Guapdad 4000, King Mez, Smokepurrp, Ski Mask The Slump God, Reese LA FLARE, and Jace: