Westside Gunn’s New Album Involves Madlib, Evidence, Alchemist & More (Audio)

While Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher have already dropped well-received releases this year, Westside Gunn has waited until halfway through 2019 to give heads his distinct brand of hardcore Hip-Hop. While he did give fans the Fourth Rope mixtape in mid-April, it was a collection of his previously released songs that are named after professional wrestlers. Flygod Is An Awesome God, on the other hand, is all-new material.

The Griselda Records team have reportedly sewn up the recording of their collaborative Shady Records debut, WWCD (What Would Chinegun Do). But before that highly anticipated album drops the trio are all treating listeners to new solo efforts. Benny delivered The Plugs I Met LP two weeks ago (via his Black Soprano Family imprint), and Gunn is keeping their momentum strong by giving his fan-base the album they’ve been waiting for…and on 4th of July weekend, no less.

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W.S.G. has brought together an impressive lineup of producers for this affair including Alchemist, Daringer, Evidence, DJ Muggs, sadhugold and al divino, JR Switz, Denny Laflare, and perhaps most surprisingly, Madlib. On “Gunnlib” Lord Quas’ alter ego laces Flygod with a peculiar vocal loop that only he would consider sampling and chopping. Gunn rides the wavering singing like he’s surfing, punctuating all his lines with his trademark ad-libs.

As far as guests, Raekwon and Wes’ daughter, Westside Pootie, do the intro, his family Conway and B.E.N.N.Y. show up on three songs each, Meyhem Lauren and his brother Hologram come through for a standout posse cut, and Flygod project staples Keisha Plum and Tiona D contribute a poem and vocals respectively. However, the standout cameo is Houston’s Sauce Walka on the outro track “Lakers vs. Rockets.” He performs something between a sermon, a diatribe, and a rap over a slow, guitar-driven beat. It’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill Westside Gunn joint.

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It would be negligent not to mention the opening track “Sensational Sherri,” not only because Alchemist’s beat is hard as nails, but also because the Fourth Rope CEO and B.E.N.N.Y. seem to be engaging in friendly competition. Both exhibit an abundance of flavor on this one. Gunn kicks a nonchalant flow, doubling up his favorite lines.

Taking a different approach, The Butcher spits a more consistent flow, with killer bars like, “My ni**as in the field lettin’ Tecs off, ratchets pop / And the rest in them hills, in them rec yards shadow-boxin’ / Take a rapper chain, bring it here, I’ll gladly rock it / Me, West, and Conway like Mike, Bird, and Magic Johnson / Forty-four mag, ski mask and the fabric cotton / My eyes done seen sh*t my kids can’t imagine watching / Ni**a’ll put you in the casket for the hat you rockin’ / Dope boy, I had to use a mattress as an extra pocket.”

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