The Artifacts’ Longtime Member DJ Kaos Has Passed Away

DJ Kaos had been a member of Newark, New Jersey Hip-Hop group The Artifacts for more than 22 years. Today (August 5), band-mate El Da Sensei confirmed that the turntablist born Shawn Perry has passed away. Details, including a cause of death and Perry’s age, have not been provided at this time. Hip-Hop peers, including Diamond D and A.G. have also publicly mourned DJ Kaos on social media.

Kaos joined the ‘Facts ahead of 1997’s sophomore album, That’s Them. He was a focal point of the Big Beat/Atlantic Records release, teeing things up with intro “Art Of Scratch,” which cut in his name as well as MC band-mates El Da Sensei and Tame One.

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Previously, the Redman-endorsed collective had used X-Ecutioners’ Roc Raida and longtime X-Men affiliate Dr. Butcher for scratches on 1994 debut, Between A Rock And A Hard Place. According to El, the duo added Kaos after watching him perform in Newark with his then-group, Champ. In 1996, the DJ auditioned for his spot in front of the late Roc Raida as well as fellow X-Ecutioner Mista Sinista:


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This is one of the best ways I’ll remember you and will never forget how talented and skilled you were and what you brought to the Artifacts crew. We put Kaos on after seeing him cut at Military Park in Nwk. He was on stage with his group (Champ) he was juggling Gangstarr Manifest and me and Tame heard that shit and went immediately to the stage. He was killin it. I went to them asked all their names but of course I asked K for his number. I called him a few times afterwards then went to his crib in Hillside that’s where I got to know him and learn to be a better DJ which he taught me too. I remember calling him to ask what he was doing cause we needed a permanent DJ. We was in Texas like yooooo what you doing K….him..nothing. Nothing like what K? Who you spinnjng for. Uuuuuh no one. We locked him in instantly. Kaos had to actually audition for Artifacts through Grandmaster Roc Raida too,..yup. 1996 me Tame Raida and @mistasinista sat in a van with us playing the That’s Them album. Raida said let me hear what you got…you can see K was nervous. Lol. Every song tho Raida nodding like ok okklkkk!!! I already knew he would approve. And he did….he told Kaos you good bro and El i feel comfortable with him working with y’all after me. That shit made Kaos night. He was like my third brother and me his big bro. I love you my dude i will never forget all the fun and laughs! Rest Easy now… I don’t want y’all to be sad out there. Kaos is in a better place and no pain. let us celebrate his life and give him a good send off. I’d you own an Art of Digging CD please play it loud and with pride today cuz that’s what Kaos put into making those CDs with @maleet1981 and @p_original AOF CREW 4 LIFE

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In the last decade, Kaos was present in The Artifacts’ reunion. He was involved and touring and tied into reports of a possible third album from the Brick City collection. “DJ Kaos will be the only Artifacts DJ, ever. He is our Jam Master Jay,” El wrote on Instagram. Additionally, DJ Kaos had previously performed with El and Sadat X in their group, XL.

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Ambrosia For Heads extends condolences to DJ Kaos, The Artifacts, and family as well as friends.