Benny Releases The Video For His Most Autobiographical Song

In June, Benny The Butcher released one of 2019’s best albums in The Plugs I Met. While late ’18’s Tana Talk 3 garnered acclaim, the Griselda Records artist and founder of Black Soprano Family upped the ante on his ’19 affair. What’s more, the hardcore MC is staked by both Eminem and JAY-Z, along with Westside Gunn and the rest of the Buffalo, New York team.

Although the BSF LP includes high-profile features with Pusha-T, Jadakiss, and Black Thought, one of its most essential tracks is Alchemist-produced closer, “5 To 50.” The MC praised for his authenticity as well as his convincing delivery takes fans back to the trap house. This time, Benny travels the streets in a Bentley coupe. Unlike so many artists, he feels welcome in any environment.

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Now with a house and luxury cars from his rapping ability, B.E.N.N.Y. travels back to what sustained him when Hip-Hop did not pay. In June, the MC told AFH TV about this song and others. “This sh*t right here is easy. What I’ve been doin’ right now is easy. ‘Cause I said, ‘I’ve been sellin’ dreams to sleepers. To tell the truth, that’s the perfect business. ‘Cause in a drought, I was paying double for some work that wasn’t even worth the ticket.‘ I was saying I learned everything I damn-well know from the dope game and from bein’ in the streets. From hustlers, pimps, and gangsters, I learned everything I know. But these Rap ni**as been gettin’ away with a lotta sh*t, ’cause they been gettin’ a lot of money just tellin’ stories about they life—sellin’ dreams to sleepers. So this is easy. You get on the mic; you get this bread. You know what ni**as had to go through to make $1,000? I’m just talkin’ sh*t, like, I’m on the other side now.”

Benny comes from Buffalo’s notorious Montana Avenue, which he raps about in the song, featuring India. “It’s a real hood in Buffalo. We had a lot of pride about where we was from. In my era, there was a lot of tough dudes from there, so I was try’na hang with them. But at the same time, at awards ceremonies, they was callin’ [my name]. I was gettin’ the highest grades,” Benny reflects on his academics as a child. “I got all A’s until I started gettin’ into the streets and was fascinated by other things, and the effort went out the window.” While looking back at school days, Benny proudly spoke of one of his daughter’s acceptance into the National Honors Society. “I told her, ‘Yo, that was me. I just wasn’t strong enough to keep going.'” Benny adds that financial strains at home forced him into the streets. In the song, he recalls being kicked out for that same lifestyle. Proudly, Benny’s daughter does not face those same responsibilities. That upward economic mobility is a focal point of “5 To 50.”

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That video interview, as well as a conversation alongside Conway The Machine and Westside Gunn, is available at AFH TV. We are currently offering free 7-day subscriptions. Selections from The Plugs I Met and Tana Talk 3 are also presently on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.