Big K.R.I.T. Explains How Platinum Rappers Can Be Broke In A Complex Freestyle

Big K.R.I.T. released his latest solo studio album K.R.I.T. IZ HERE last month. The campaign began with a title track video that put the MC/producer’s former major label in the cross-hairs, visually equating artist bidding wars to slave auctions. K.R.I.T. has done it on his own, and never relied on gimmicks, controversy, or tools beyond quality music to climb Rap’s symbolic Mt. Olympus. He kicks his latest freestyle from that proud place of experience and understanding.

Krizzle appeared on Los Angeles’ Power 106 show L.A. Leakers to spit some serious bars, and he did so with palpable passion. “I woke up in a game with songs soundin’ the same / Flows soundin’ the same, I thought I knew who it was / Gladiator sport, like all they want is the blood / Shootouts over the ‘Gram for likes, that’s all it was / The fight was just the buzz, the album is comin’ up / The chains overlap, like we ain’t blingin’ enough / The cars that we drove were only for videos / And the budget came back like, ‘Ni**a, what the f*ck!’ / Streams doesn’t really mean cream / Platinum, but still broke, like what-the-f*ck-does-that-mean?” he spits, sympathizing with the facade.

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He goes on to speak, in compound bars, about how much artists sacrifice for that spotlight. “Too many times I’ve seen private lives mass-publicized / Try’na peep the misses with emoji eyes / While the money bands go to suit and ties / They’ll sell that same sh*t back to you and I,” K.R.I.T. raps over Frank Ocean’s “Novacane” instrumental. “We watching with our popcorn and drank / And talk about it all at a job we probably hate / Wishin’ that we was the one / With the cars and the girls and the guns / Oh, we make that sh*t look fun,” he spits, before thanking Mississippi hustlers who turned him away from the trap and towards his music dream. “I swear my need to shine gave my mama contractions / Out comes K.R.I.T., and the outcome’s this / The way I turn fire into flow, I’m an alchemist / The way I whip up the sauce, you can’t doubt my wrist / My Rollie’ told me, ain’t been a time like this.

Later in the freestyle, Big K.R.I.T. compares where he’s come from to where he is now: “Y’all know I don’t like freestylin’ / But it’s a long way from Def Jam’s linen closet,” he spits. “This a chess move with checkers on the board / It’s that one time you realize all the sh*t you could afford.

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K.R.I.T. IZ HERE features Lil Wayne and J. Cole, among others. Several of Krizzle’s latest songs are on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist. Additionally, AFH TV has several interviews with Big K.R.I.T., including episodes of Where It All Began and Politics As Usual. We are currently offering free 7-day trials.