Dave Chappelle’s Logo Is A Tribute To X-Clan

This week, Dave Chappelle released his fifth Netflix special since 2017. The one-hour Sticks & Stones sees the Grammy Award-winning comedian tackling taboo issues, as advertised in the Morgan Freeman-narrated trailer from earlier this month.

Between the standup segment and an epilogue, the credits roll. After the credits, as Chappelle offers his trademark logo, the music includes a portion of 1990 X-Clan song “Funkin Lesson” (embedded below) from To The East, Blackwards. It features late Professor X The Overseer proclaiming, “By the way, van glorious, this is protected by the red, the black, and the green, at the crossroad, with a key, sissy.

Vanglorious – Chappelle’s new logo sting from r/DaveChappelle

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For many seasons of Chappelle’s Show, the comedian used dead prez’s “Hip Hop” as his entrance music. Chappelle’s logo dates back to the Comedy Central period and has since appeared on clothing, boom-boxes, and more. In the new epilogue, legendary Hip-Hop DJ, radio host, and producer DJ Stretch Armstrong can be seen sitting in the crowd. Stretch and partner, Bobbito Garcia, interviewed Chappelle in 2017.

Following the 2006 death of Professor X (aka Lumumba Carson) due to complications associated with spinal meningitis, X-Clan last released Mainstream Outlawz in 2009.

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#BonusBeat: The “Funkin’ Lesson” music video: