Mike Tyson Shares His Top 50 MCs List…And Joe Budden Is Not On It

At the top of this week, The Brew Podcast disseminated a ranked “Top 50 Greatest Rappers Of All-Time” list (embedded below) that has since captivated much of social media and the conversations around it. The Cincinnati, Ohio-based podcast dedicated to beer-making elicited some fans raising a glass, while other folks seemed ready to crack a bottle. This discourse was all by design, given the popular evocative “Let’s argue” caption.

While names including Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Chuck D, E-40, Q-Tip, Guru, and GZA were not present, the list rallied for the late Stack Bundles (#42). It also placed one of Stack’s associates, Joe Budden, very close to the top. After putting the now-retired Slaughterhouse co-founder at #3, many folks online quipped that it was Budden who created the list. With 16,000 replies (including condemnation from Chuck, Michael Rapaport, ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt, and others), The Brew Podcast garnered plenty of commentary from what may be remembered as a viral moment. Various personalities across music have shared their lists, while others have dismissed such ranking.

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“I smoke half the ni**as on that list,” Joe Budden said today on his podcast (45:00), then correcting. “And let’s not use the word ‘smoke.’ [It] causes friction, and great MCs can’t be smoked.'” The Jersey City, New Jersey veteran and his co-hosts Rory, Mal, and Parks claim that they will be bringing lists in the days to come,while criticizing multiple high-profile lists for omitting names including Sean Price and MF DOOM.

Although the mood is light, Budden played selections from his discography while claiming he deserves proper consideration among the greats. “How do they ague Joe’s place on the list? I don’t even put myself on no list! But don’t argue with a ni**a that likes me about why he shouldn’t like me!” he says at 61:00 while laughing. “Every time that the Internet comes together as a family it’s to laugh at Joe,” quipped the retired rapper. “And I laugh, ’cause only in Joe Budden’s life would this be my farewell tour. I’m retired; this podcast is doing amazing! I ain’t ask y’all about my place in Hip-Hop. [Laughs] Here come y’all. ‘Nah, Joe! Nope! You ain’t there! I mean, you was aiight!’ Ni**a, I’m watching Maury at home [when I heard about this]. Addressing the rumors he authored the list, Joe said “My list would look a lot better than that,” a few moments later.

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Iron Mike Tyson is one of the celebrities who played along. Early today, the legendary fighter-turned-podcast host offered up his list (also listed at the bottom of this article). The Brownsville, Brooklyn native gives Kris (in the Top 10), Chuck and a host of other artists their props. At 53 years old, Tyson honors Grandmaster Melle Mel of The Furious Five. His rankings (which give fellow BK native Biggie the top honors) show diversity.


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“ @fredfrenchy asked me to get y’all my top 50 rappers of all time list. Here it is.”

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While no women made The Brew Podcast’s charts, Mike honors MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, and another BK representer, Lil’ Kim. He pulls LL Cool J (an artist who helped coin the “G.O.A.T.” term in Rap) up 40 places. Whereas the beer aficionados honored the late Rockaway, Queens MC Stack Bundles, the champ calls attention to Harlem’s Big L. Another Diggin’ In The Crates member, Fat Joe, makes the list. In addition to Melle Mel, Mike singles out another group member who never released solo LPs, including Naughty By Nature’s Treach. He also campaigns for names like Erick Sermon, the late Heavy D, and DMC (after both he and Run were omitted from the viral charts).

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In 2015, Ambrosia For Heads hosted a tournament-style battle bracket to have our readers determine the Greatest Rapper Of All-Time. With more than 200 MCs included, readers eventually crowned Eminem in a championship-round defeat of Tupac Shakur.

1. Biggie Smalls
2. Tupac
3. Rakim
4. Nas
5. JAY-Z
6. LL Cool J
7. Big Daddy Kane
8. KRS-One
9. Ice Cube
10. DMX
11. Kool G Rap
12. Eminem
13. Big Pun
14. Grandmaster Melle Mel
15. Big L
16. André 3000
17. Scarface
18. Jadakiss
19. Treach
20. Prodigy
21. Method Man
22. Slick Rick
23. Lil Wayne
24. Redman
25. Lil’ Kim
26. Snoop Dogg
27. 50 Cent
28. Queen Latifah
29. Fat Joe
30. Busta Rhymes
31. AZ
32. Drake
33. Lauryn Hill
34. The Game
35. Rick Ross
36. Cam’ron
37. Bun B
38. Pusha-T
39. Young Jeezy
40. Erick Sermon
41. Chuck D
42. DMC
43. Raekwon
44. Ghostface Killah
45. Q-Tip
46. MC Lyte
47. T.I.
48. Missy Elliott
49. Heavy D
50. Mos Def

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#BonusBeat: The list that got everybody reacting: