Murs Is A Super Hero. A Short Film Shows Lyricism Is Just 1 Of His Powers.

After 15 long years together, Murs & 9th Wonder are reportedly taking their final ride. If that’s the case, it’s a truly great and memorable trip into the sunset. One week ago (August 9) saw the release of what appears to be Murs, 9th Wonder, and The Soul Council’s latest collaboration album, The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over. With cinematic lyrics for years, Murs brings a companion mini-movie out to celebrate one of the grouping’s best collaborative LPs.

The 13-minute work stars Murs and features five songs off the latest release, including “The Hulk,” “My Hero,” “F*ck Them,” “Cancun ’08” and “Ga$ Station Gucci Belt.” With a hefty budget (according to Murs), the fantastic film features wrestlers, strippers, and heat-packing stick-up girls. However, it all plays into the veteran MC’s interests.

Murs Details Making The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over With 9th Wonder (AFH TV Video)

“As a kid, I loved Hip-Hop, comic books, cinema, and sports,” Murs told Okay Player of the piece. “When I hit high school and realized my growth spurt wasn’t coming. I took to smoking and selling weed. When I graduated. I traded weed for women. When I got married… well, I think you get the point. I’ve always loved comic books, cinema, and Hip-Hop. This video was a chance to combine all three.”

More than 15 years ago, Murs created a DVD release adaptation of Walk Like A Man, set around his gripping storytelling from the duo’s debut, Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition. In 2019, the Los Angeles, California MC had a similar plan. “We created superheroes like myself (‘The Hulk’) and ‘Alexis’ (played by Nikki Narcos) the protagonist of my song ‘My Hero,’ which was inspired by Cyntoia Brown and her case.” Notably, Brown was released from prison hours before the new album after having her life sentence commuted.

Murs’ LP With 9th Wonder & The Soul Council Has A New “Night Shift” Video

Murs explained, “We also created villains like the muscle-bound chain-wielding cheater (Michael Giovanni Rivera) and the gun-toting “Pookie Blow” who along with her henchmen played by Villain Park try to shoot up my after-party.”

The film captivates, as does this excellent new album.

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AFH TV recently sat down with Murs to discuss the new album and why his connection with 9th Wonder affirms his spirituality. The video is presently available for all to view. There are other videos with Murs, 9th Wonder, Rapsody, and many more available in the library. We are currently offering free 7-day subscriptions.