Posdnuos & Daddy-O Make A De La/Stetsasonic Collabo With Soul (Audio)

Daddy-O and Posdnuous (aka Plug 1) have some overlapping history. Prince Paul was Stetsasonic’s DJ and producer when he went to work producing three artists who became the legendary De La Soul. Additionally, these artists were label-mates for many years.

It’s a Brooklyn-to-Long Island affair on an energetic collaboration from Daddy-O’s new album, From My Hood 2 U. The title track from the LP on Chuck D’s label channels some Sly & The Family Stone vibes and these two MCs with incredible voices and deliveries share the microphone.

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Professor Daddy-O kicks things off. “Watch that. Ready? / But you not that steady / Never off track / Boom with the kickback /  Hood, but I don’t trap / Should, but I don’t clap / Filters in the Snapchat / Sorry, you can keep that,” begins the crispy voiced MC who also worked closely with Junior M.A.F.I.A., AZ, and Freestyle Fellowship, among many others. The song features great drums, bass, and some accentual scratches.

POS’ kicks a charismatic verse, comparing his team the Gotti family of lyrics. “Yeah, we don’t inject threat / This mafia’s a think-tank / Conscious on ink, ranked / Plug number one with the idol from Stet’ / The title is vet / Yet / Every one finds that / Every sun shines / But only one reigns / So understand fame.” The ensuing bars honor the rich legacies of these two elite MCs.

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Daddy-O closes out the song weaving in references to Brooklyn street organizations, spirituality, and shouts out his producer and a bunch of peers.

#BonusBeat: With his album, Daddy-O dropped the video to “Drumma Man”: