RJ Payne Say He’s The New Def Squad As He Spits Heat Beside Erick Sermon (Video)

RJ Payne is one of the anticipated artists on Benny’s Black Soprano Family imprint. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the onetime star of the Battle Rap circuit (then known as “Reignman”) has fed the masses with an onslaught of releases in his If C*caine Could Talk series. Before formally inking with Benny The Butcher in May, RJ made a high-profile appearance on Erick Sermon’s Vernia album.

The Def Squad release that also involves Raekwon, AZ, Big K.R.I.T., Xzibit and Too Short begins with sizzling bars from Payne. Now, kicking it in E-Double’s Jeep Wrangler, Payne brings those verses to living color. Although co-signed by “The Green-Eyed Bandit,” this particular track is produced by DJ Kanzer. Payne has bold lyrics. “Fresh out the kitchen with crack / I’m on my sh*t; I’ve been itching to snack / I’m Erick Sermon with the fisherman hat / The best bars, modern-day Def Squad, the new addition to that / Reggie Noble Jr, how wicked is dat? / Ugly torture walkin’ through muddy waters, bunch of ni**as in black / You punch the clock; I punch ni**as that rap / The pump’ll lift up your hat / Knock off the brim and the skin is attached.” RJ knows the Def Squad pedigree and believes in himself enough to make Redman and E comparisons.

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He continues the associations, working through not only Def Squad, but Hit-Squad too. “Keith Murray, the most beautiful M*C-10 in my lap / It’s Payne, I sent a b*llet at you straight out the Ruger / Das EFX sh*t, straight out the sewer / Sh*t, I’m hungry, I murdered my laptop and I ate the computer / I got infinite WiFi, they should pay me to use it / I’m sayin’, I got the hook up, that Master P / Your favorite rappers ain’t half of me / Put me in a cypher with your top 10, they couldn’t last with me / F*ck who like it, this how it has to be / It’s Payne, I’m the vermin exterminator / Word to Erick Sermon, I’m the new version of Terminator / The God, prayer rug and a turban a work of nature / I don’t even write raps, my words merge with the paper/  I’m cooking dope like I’m whippin’ a Camaro / I get it fresh off the boat in my fisherman apparel.

Heads can also find RJ Payne on Benny’s The Plugs I Met, 38 Spesh & Flee Lord’s Loyalty & Trust, and Snowgoons Infantry.

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