Benny The Butcher Welcomes RJ Payne To His Team. They Celebrate By Bodying A Beat

Benny The Butcher and his Griselda Records team are in the midst of a banner year. After a Westside Gunn mixtape (Fourth Rope) and a new Conway The Machine project (EiF3), this month saw the release of “Headlines,” featuring the three of them alongside DJ Premier production. Later in 2019, that same trio will deliver a Shady Records album, which they recently detailed to AFH TV during a video interview. As for Benny, following 2018’s Tana Talk 3, the “Best Ever ‘N New York” has also been making noise with his own label, BSF Records.

This month, the Black Soprano Family signed RJ Payne, a former battle rap champ from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that used to go by Reignman. RJ’s punchline heavy raps have gained him a sizeable following and the five volumes of his If Cocaine Could Talk mixtape series didn’t only catch the attention of fans, they were what got him recruited by Benny. The announcement was made just hours after Benny spoke to AFH TV.

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Payne wasted no time putting together his first release for BSF and it’s titled Leatherface. The offering is hosted by his new boss, who also makes a few appearances on the drop, including on the lead single “Butcher Meets Leatherface.” The two noted street poets trade clever bars over a dope piano loop provided by Tricky Trippz, with a competitive display.

About halfway through his verse RJ addresses being added to the Big BSF roster directly, “Black Soprano Family keep the blicky high / Taking shots of whisky right where Nipsey died / Henny and jewelry / Plenty of toolery / Semi fits suitably / I’ma kill it, that’s why Benny recruited me / Millionaire ni**a, keep ya pennies, ya through with me / If you ain’t talking sensibly, they gonna send me your eulogy.”

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Then, B.E.N.N.Y. closes the track some ill lines, “I say ‘The Butcher coming’ and it’s horror / Deuce and a quarter / Feather in the fedora / Lighting trees like we trying to burn down the forest / I’m on my Griselda sh*t, bullet sounds for the chorus.” These two are a lethal lyrical combo that are sure to catch more bodies together in the near future.

Earlier this year, RJ collaborated with Elzhi on the New Jack City-inspired “G Money On The Court.”