Benny Treats Rap Like The Streets. He’s Out To Run Competition Off The Block (Video)

In less than 12 months, Benny The Butcher went from being a respected and veteran voice in the underground to an elite force throughout all of Rap music. The Buffalo, New Yorker was one of the hand-picked guests invited to J. Cole’s Revenge Of The Dreamers, Volume 3 sessions. More recently, Benny confirmed that he is joining his Griselda brethren Westside Gunn and Conway The Machine for the upcoming Shady Records album. In the midst of all of this, B.E.N.N.Y.’s critically-acclaimed Tana Talk 3 has garnered tremendous attention for its gritty callback to 1990s hard-body lyricism.

“Scarface vs. Sosa Pt. 2” is one highlight within that Griselda LP that takes its name from Brian De Palma’s famed 1983 take on the life of drug cartel kingpin “Tony Montana.” “This song was inspired by my life,” Benny told Complex, who premiered the video. “Where I’m from, all we knew was hustling; and even when we got outta that life we became so accustomed to living that way we still kept that hustler mentality. When I rap, ‘Everything relates back to drug dealing,’ that’s real. Everything is referenced back to drug dealing and street politics.” That authenticity helps make Benny’s content and delivery convincing, in an age where many MCs fabricate accounts of their pre-fame lifestyle.

Benny’s Video Shows Him As The Butcher. He Verbally Slices & Dices To Alchemist’s Beat

Produced by Griselda’s in-house juggernaut Daringer, the song’s instrumentals are slow-paced and eerie, perfect for Benny’s hardcore bars. The video also exemplifies those characteristics in scenes loaded with a dimly-lit underground distribution operation. W.S.G. makes a cameo in the menacing music video.

Street ni**a, I lived through drug dealing and murders / So imagine what can happen when young ni**as determined / Nah, this ain’t meant to discourage / I know y’all copying, I ain’t mad, I’m just glad to see y’all ni**as is learning / Hov’ taught you how to move in a room full of vultures / You got it, but you ain’t pop it though, so you just a holster / Sometimes these new ni**as gotta get schooled to the culture,” raps the MC intently. Coming from very strenuous circumstances before music paid his bills, Benny The Butcher wants all to know that he is not going out easily. A few bars later, the artist admits that he very nearly hung up his mic: “Thought about leaving the game ‘cause ain’t no love in it / Then I reconsidered ‘cause fame ain’t why I jumped in it.” Just like JAY-Z on Volume 1: In My Lifetime, Benny draws bold parallels between hustling and rapping.

M.O.P. & Benny Up The Ante On A Beat That’s As Hard As Nails (Audio)

This latest video follows Benny The Butcher’s last visual drop, January’s Alchemist-produced “Rubber Bands & Weight.” He also recently appeared in Smoke DZA’s video for “Luck of Draw,” in addition to a collaboration with M.O.P.

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