Skyzoo Is Gearing Up For 1 Of The Biggest Albums Of His Career & It’s All Good (Video)

Skyzoo is embarking on one of his biggest albums in an already-decorated discography. Next month, S-K-Y and Pete Rock will release Retropolitan (September 20) on Mello Music Group.

Both Sky and Rock have done some of their best work with a single collaborator. In addition to legendary work with C.L. Smooth, “The Chocolate Boy Wonder” has also released well-received albums with InI, among others. Meanwhile, “The Great Debater” has dropped fan-favorite projects with top-tier beat creators such as 9th Wonder, !llmind, and Apollo Brown. So, even just the prospect of these two combining their talents is exciting.

Skyzoo & Pete Rock’s Album Is Coming Soon. Here’s The 1st Single & Featured Artists

Although they may hail from different eras, they share the same true-school values. The Brooklyn-born and raised rapper chose a track the Soul Brother #1 concocted 25 years ago, in 1994, as the lead single, “It’s All Good.” Over heavily filtered piano samples and a thumping snare, Sky’ makes his clever rhymes and impeccable flow seem effortless. He praises the hustlers while condemning gentrification and police harassment throughout his three verses. Then he and Pete throw it back to the late-1990s on the hook, along with some trademark background vocals.

The First Generation Rich CEO’s middle stanza is the highlight of the cut: “And itʼs still to my man Stack Bundles God bless your life / And my man Chinx also, word to the way the law rolled / On me when I was leaving your service and they had all those tools drawn / Like ‘Yo, donʼt move par, you look like you move raw, with all of them jewels on’ / I look like I ghostwrite, whatʼs all of this mood for? / Iʼm due for, heading back to my old block, where that new storeʼs really the same old store my mans used to move for / Iʼm back like 23 winning one and then two more / BMI thru the shoe store, fuck is the brand new for? / Don C. legacy Jʼs, blue and orange joints / You say Iʼm set in my ways, you probably got a point / My son uses the potty so heʼs older now / Fred Hampton, Huey Newton Iʼma mold him now / But still teddy bear sweaters, bet he Lo to the ground / The hybrid of everything that comes with owning a crown / Itʼs all good.”

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In the music video, Skyzoo walks the streets of New York donning a Knicks jersey and hat. He takes his audience to spots that accent his verse and raps his words to the camera.

Retropolitan features Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine, Elzhi, Styles P, and others.