The 1st Episode Of Vince Staples’ New Show Makes It Clear He’s One To Watch (Video)

Earlier this week, Long Beach, California MC Vince Staples teased a seemingly formless upcoming project titled The Vince Staples Show (embedded below). No one seemed to quite know what The Vince Staples Show would become, but many speculated that it would be Staples’ newest record. After his latest music video drop, that may only be half-right.

When Vince Staples debuted his teaser for The Vince Staples Show on August 19, he dropped a 60-second clip with no music. Instead, he drew attention to his acting chops for a hilarious short video. The footage showed Vince dropping off a couple of kids so they could sell candy-bars outside of a grocery store on the rapper’s behalf. The lack of music made the teaser seem like it was solely hinting at a new web series written by and starring Vince Staples. It ended with an announcement: The Vince Staples Show, arriving August 22.

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Well, on the promised day the rapper dropped the first official entry of The Vince Staples Show, titled “So What?” deeming it Episode 1. This time, music is present to accompany his visual. The short video opens up with Vince Staples lying in bed when he gets a call from his manager who tells him that Malia Obama wants him to perform at her 21st birthday celebration. “Is that the white one or the Black one?” Vince replies, before agreeing to do it for some of that “Netflix money” the Obamas currently have. Before he rolls up to the function, he heads to Pasadena for a haircut and walks into a barbershop named Katching All Fades. He then sits and waits for the barber to work his magic as two suspicious-looking men eyeball the rapper. What happens next is Atlanta level of both awkward and outrageous.

Interestingly, as soon as the video’s climax hits, the video debuts Vince’s latest song, “So What?” The cut is instrumentally reminiscent of traditional West Coast style, made up of a warped, bouncy melody ridden in hi-hats.

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The video abruptly begins at Staples’ second verse on “So What?” where he raps some of his sweetest, yet traditionally gangsta lines to date: “This is for my fans who are suicidal (I love you so much) / Why kill yourself when you can go and kill a rival? (Why?) / Why hate yourself when you can hate the opposition? / (Why?), I do it by myself ’cause everybody snitching (I love you so much) / So-called street ni**as goin’ all bad (We all bad) / Goin’ out sad (We all sad) /  I’m prayin’ at the alter that he alter path (Cross your life) / I’m at the supercharger with the Glock in my lap / You know somebody finna get it (No slip).

Of course, Vince Staples is no stranger to acting. The rapper joined alongside Tyga and A$AP Rocky for a cameo spot in the 2015 indie comedy-drama film, Dope. He’s also no stranger to cohesive music releases, from his GoFundMe stunt of last year, to his short film based on his 2016 EP Prima Donna. Vince is continually innovating, tying fully creative ideas to his upcoming music releases as forward-thinking packages for a digital age of music.

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According to spokespeople, “each episode [of The Vince Staples Show] revolves around a pivotal moment in which a new Vince Staples original song will be released as a stand-alone single.” No word yet on a full release from the project as of yet, but a 7″ vinyl of “So What?” is available for pre-order over at the rapper’s official website. His last album, FM!, dropped back in November  on 2018 via Def Jam, and featured a radio-centric overview with Los Angeles Real 92.3 personality Big Boy.

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