Skyzoo Gets Pete Rock To Kick A Rare Verse & Both Drop Jewels (Audio Premiere)

Tomorrow (September 20), Skyzoo & Pete Rock are releasing an anticipated collaborative album, Retropolitan. The pair’s first outing together features the Brooklyn, New York veteran taking on the lyrics recorded to exclusively P.R. production. Guests on the Mello Music Group LP include Styles P, Raheem DeVaughn, and an already-released posse cut (“Eastern Conference All-Stars”) with Elzhi, Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine, and Westside Gunn.

Premiering at Ambrosia For Heads, “Truck Jewels” is the track on Retropolitan that features a verse from Pete Rock. The legendary producer and DJ has also delivered memorable raps throughout the last 30 years in his deep and confident voice. “When I heard the beat that became ‘Truck Jewels,’ it reminded me of a ’70s Blaxploitation film—a scene out of one of the classics from that era of Black culture,” Sky’ tells AFH in a statement. “We all know Pete is an avid fan of Blaxploitation flicks, art, and things of that nature. So when it came to picking which song I wanted him to rhyme on, it was a no-brainer; that had to be the one. Conceptually, it’s a song where the beat tells you to just go off, but as always I snuck in some jewels all throughout the verses, hence the title.” The First Generation Rich founder considers it one of his personal favorites among the 12-song offering.

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“Truck Jewels” begins suddenly, with Skyzoo declaring, “It never meant more than what it do now / Same one who grew in the store, until he grew out / Came to get every jewel that I saw while givin’ a few out / Ain’t like I do this before? Act like you knew now.” Pete provides his trademark background vocals, in addition to a knocking, layered loop. In the second verse, Sky’ states, “Vision be everything until it’s out of your reach / I lift up and let it ring as far as rockin’ the beat / And when everybody can be as common as common can be / I’m ’bout as Common as Lonnie Rashid.” The slick, double-entendre wordplay nods to jewelry pieces, as well as one legendary Rap peer (and past Pete Rock collaborator) and his 2005 Grammy-nominated album.

In the third slot, Pete provides a retro-polished set of punchlines. “Ain’t much more to do now / Classic, with an old school hook, word to Lew’ Al’ / Truck jewels, first-class flight’s how I flew out / Me fallin’ off is like a Muslim at a luau.” He adds, “Soul Brother got it covered / Had to take the MP’ out the cupboard.” Notably, debut video single “It’s All Good” featured a beat that Pete Rock arranged back in 1994. With his vintage tools of the trade, the Mount Vernon master partnered with a Brooklyn bar craftsman for a nostalgic-minded Hip-Hop album that feels exciting and brand new.

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“Eastern Conference All-Stars” is presently included on the official AFH playlist. Additionally, there are songs from Pete’s recent instrumental LP, Return Of The SP1200. Retropolitan releases tomorrow, September 20.

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Press photograph by Photo Rob provided by Mello Music Group.