Chubb Rock Jumps Back On The Scene With A Party Starter (Audio)

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It’s been a decade since Chubb Rock released an album. However, the Brooklyn, New York veteran remains nimble with his bars. Along with a full-length collaboration with Wordsmith, the Chubbster’ cut tracks alongside a few carefully-chosen Hip-Hop artists, including Beneficence, PR Dean, and a newly-liberated Prince Paul remix that also features DOOM and Wordsworth.

Now, Chubb has formed a duo with The High & Mighty’s DJ Mighty Mi. The union, Mighty Chubb, released a double-single, “Party Planner” b/w “Rock With Me.” Milo, who co-founded Eastern Conference Records, has previously produced and remixed some incredible songs involving Mos Def, Mobb Deep, Cage, and others. Throughout his career, Mighty Mi has also been a DJ mainstay at clubs from New York City to Las Vegas. He knows how to move the crowd.

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“Party Planner” features steady percussion and soulful accents. Chubb wastes no time displaying that his bold vocal sounds as it did on The One, nearly 30 years ago. “Party people, I’m the party-planner / Too many patrons, the party grammar / All my folks, rockin’ that linen / It’s creamish, lookin’ for women,” begins The Chubbsta’ as he describes other aspects of his wardrobe. The former Select Records star also shouts out DJ Mighty Mi behind the decks and the beat.

A female chorus supports the song in a way that honors Chubb’s 1980s roots, the same era that inspired The High & Mighty. To begin the second verse, the BK MC raps, “Well coming back…to whatever year, this is / Still cold chillin’, you know the biz / We’re still rockin’ shell-toe Adidas / Short walk, c’mon, Cleetus / Nutty professor, in the sector / If ya bust pipes, you must have pressure / the Aqua-man with the scepter / I got jokes, Eddie Murph’ for the hecklers / Test if ya want, I’ll taunt you / Scary, ain’t it? I’ll haunt you.

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The beat breaks at the end with a classic nod to late-1980s Dance-Rap. Chubb Rock and DJ Mighty Mi created a vibe that’s timeless and feel-good, all reinforced by skills.

#BonusBeat: Now more than 20 years old, Chubb Rock’s great “Mr. Large” freestyle from Prince Paul’s A Prince Among Thieves: