The LOX Bang Out On A Song About Having Each Other’s Backs (Audio)

The LOX promised a documentary before 2019’s conclusion, per Jadakiss’ Pull Up episode with Joe Budden. Nearly six months ago, ‘Kiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch gave fans “On That Sh*t,” a new single. From Sheek’s project, he assembled the squad for a song that blends wisdom with that classic L-O-X corner talk.

In honor of Halloween, Sheek rallies up his brothers once more. Included on Gorillaween, Vol. 2, Donnie made “Bang Bang.” With a brooding 8-bit video game style beat (courtesy of producer, dayzel), Sheek kicks things off. He raps about raising a son to be a man of character, and the stresses he feels from 20-plus years in the public eye. For the chorus, Louch admits that he’s earned a spot on playlists from rapping his reality, never being a pushover in the streets, and staying loyal to his squad.

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Styles raps next, claiming that Yonkers is the lost borough in the eyes of New York. The LOX helped give the area representation over the years with other Ruff Ryders acts and executives. “The short dude with the short fuse / Hit you with the short boom / Euro-step in the courtroom / Only thing I’m seeing is a new home / Only time I catch a new case is a new phone / Thinkin’ ’bout the Aston pipe seats, two-tone / If Sheek say shoot, then you shot, then you gone,” he warns.

Jadakiss plays cleanup, with an extra-grainy rasp. “It ain’t what it is, just how they depict him / He do what he want, they could never restrict him / Can take over the world if he ever would listen / How come the dead person is never the victim? / Even though I ain’t no killer, I’m with whateva / If I get the call from my brothers, I’ll hit whatever.” The all-for-one mentality of The Warlocks has never changed. It’s what makes this group unbreakable.

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This month, Jadakiss released single, “ME.” That song as well as Styles’ recent collaboration with Erick Sermon and AZ are included on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.