EARTHGANG Performs A Colorful Song From 1 Of This Year’s Most Original Albums (Video)

EARTHGANG, comprised of rappers Olu (aka Johnny Venus) and WowGr8 (aka Doctur Dot), is having a breakthrough 2019. Backed by J. Cole’s Dreamville Records, EARTHGANG is now responsible for one of the year’s best LPs with their full-length debut, MirrorLand.

Earlier this summer, the duo appeared on the chart-topping Revenge Of The Dreamers III, alongside a litany of rappers, producers, and label-mates. Mirrorland single, “Swivel,” a deep record about the death of a longtime friend of WowGr8, also made an appearance on the Revenge Of The Dreamers III compilation. This same cut was one of the first songs EARTHGANG played for J. Cole before signing to Dreamville in early 2017.

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Another LP standout, “This Side,” boasts some of the rappers’ best traits behind the mic. Recently, Olu and WowGr8 linked up with the “COLORS” video series for a dynamic rendition of the aforementioned track, placing their compelling musicianship on full display.

With additional vocals from Dreamville affiliate and fellow Spillage Village member Mereba, Olu delivers the chorus melodically before diving into his verses. To open, Olu raps with purpose, “Things change, people change / Love grows, come and go / Sometimes I get overwhelmed / I’m in, in over my head / Put my life online for sale / Put that wish up on a star / Put that money on myself / Sometimes I’m just by myself / Whole future, yes, I am / A livin’ god, yes, I am.”

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Further into the track, WowGr8 jumps in, providing game to those grinding for their own comeuppance. WowGr8 raps in bold, “Walkin’ proof of what can happen when you say what you mean / Just ’cause ni**as cop your jersey don’t mean they on your team / As you grow, decide who worthy of the presence you keep / I learned it early / Rick James, Charlie Murphy, I’m a product of the chitlin circuit / I’m a product of the need to purchase / Drop bars like I’m losing service / Roll my R’s when I feel exotic / Hit the blunt like a damn pinãta, ayy caramba / I was a beast, now I’m the jungle / Now I’m the wind, now I’m the rain, the climate change.”

To round it out, the Johnny Venus and Natra Average production flips the record on it’s head, from soft and slick to hot and heavy. With the instrumental knocking for the song’s closing, sonic juxtaposition, WowGr8 aims his final verse for the jugular, “Once upon a time in the motherf*ckin’ west / I woke up to the stress and the t*tties on my chest / Twenty racks and the hundred dollar bills in the bag / God, if they come a-knockin’, they gon’ have to take me dead / F*ckin’ right, come on over to this side if you ain’t scared / If you ain’t ’bout it, get the f*ck back over there / What if I told you what I could show you, pick a pill, blue or red / It don’t matter your selection, they both comin’ out your check / Motherf*cker, yeah, you next!”

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