Guru’s Son Transforms Into His Father For Gang Starr’s New Video

A week after releasing One Of The Best Yet, Gang Starr delivers the second visual from the album. In the first video, “Family And Loyalty,” DJ Premier, guest J. Cole, and Gang Starr Foundation’s Big Shug were joined by Guru’s son, Keith Casim “K.C.” Elam. Heads may have noticed a striking resemblance between the young man and his legendary father, who passed away in 2010.

That spitting image is the subject of “Bad Name,” which was also the second single that dropped ahead of this month’s O.O.T.B.Y. Without guests, the song is trademark Guru, challenging Rap peers to do better. While the lyrics deal with Tupac and Biggie Smalls, they sound eerily right and exact for 2019.

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“I initially wanted “Bad Name” to be the first single that officially brought Gang Starr back. Since the inception of video music channels, I have always paid very close attention to the direction and production elements. I love coming up with concepts, and I already had a vision for ‘Bad Name,'” DJ Premier said in a press statement. “I wanted a fun video with Spice Adams and for Guru’s son to play his father in the video—and then never do that again.” “When I played football, my coach used to say, ‘put your war bonnet on,'” referring to the helmet. “I have always carried that with me, and that’s how I’ve looked at it when it came to Gang Starr. Giving that [Gang Starr] hat to Keith was a very special moment because it reminded me of what his father and I built together,” DJ Premier stated. Anthony “Spice” Adams, the former NFL star-turned-TV/social media personality, appears and provided his home for the shoot.

The video sees K.C. transform into his father, reenacting some early music video vibes from the Step In The Arena and Daily Operation days. Look closely, and viewers can see K.C.’s Gang Starr tattoos too. The music begins with some MPC hard drives from Moment Of Truth; the visual ends with a shot of Guru’s ashes on a podium, underneath a Gang Starr press photo.

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At AFH TV, DJ Premier provided a 20th-anniversary “Making The Music” in-depth interview regarding Gang Starr’s Moment Of Truth. There are other videos related to Preemo and Nas. We are currently offering free 7-day trials.

“Bad Name” and several other Gang Starr songs are presently included on the official Ambrosia For Heads Playlist.

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#BonusBeat: Big Shug recently dropped a video for the DJ Premier-produced “Emf.” The video is directed by Myster DL for Ill Mannered Films: