King Los Kicks The Year’s Best Freestyle. MCs Should Be Shook (Video)

When it comes to the freestyle, King Los is one of the most exciting artists of all-time. Although the Baltimore, Maryland native has made some potent songs and revered projects, his calling card has always been what he does on the spot. Following last month’s standout showing at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards, Los swung through The L.A. Leakers Show to do what he does best. Along the way, he arguably sets a new benchmark for the best freestyle display of 2-0-1-9, just five weeks before the year ends. Justin Credible touts Los as “one of the best to do it, and after this freestyle, might just be claimed the best to ever do it.”

Los begins his set to Shaq’s “You Can’t Stop The Reign” instrumental (as produced by Chris Large) using sports metaphors. “Name another ni**a that put up 50 at practice / This sh*t is magic / Even my exhibition is classic,” he spits. They switch the beat to Mobb Deep’s self-produced “Shook Ones, Pt. II” instrumental. “To Hip-Hop, I’m Socrates / I’m Top 5 and the fifth spot’s a mockery / The fif pop, you do the Macarena or get rocked like Slipknot’s discography / Your clique watchin’ me, hopin’ I stumble / Your b*tch watchin’ me, you know it’s a jungle / She like lions, not liars, ni**a / I figured you’d be slow to rebuttal / She’s standin’ there droolin’ and drippin’, you could only be humble / Just be a gentleman, and put your jacket over the puddle / You poodle, that pun was a puzzle / I just want a Rapunzel / You know, she keep them extensions and she come with the bundles / Have fun with those double-entendres / As I beg your pardon from the nonsense they sponsored,” he raps.

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With a top-notch vocabulary and phenomenal cadence, Los clears the air. “A lot of rappers try hard to bite it / But their joints ain’t nearly as tight as what this author-write-is / My plight is, if you’re lyrically fit, you’ve got something from me / Even ni**as I wrote for need to send me my f*ckin’ money / Why I ain’t got a song with such-and-such? You wonder, buddy? / I’m the only one that got overlooked by his understudies / I feel disrespected to the core of my soul / My skill been perfected, no ignoring my glow / I will lift a weapon and put four in my foe / Then still raise my son without ignoring my goals,” he spits in a fury approaching 4:00.

The beat switches to Three 6 Mafia’s self-produced “Who Run It?” instrumental. After taking a sip from a green juice, King Los drops more Incredible Hulk bars referencing rappers. “I’m a mix of Hov and Weezy / Andre, Biggie flows, and Yeezy / Pac and Pun, Big L and Jeezy / Pimp C / Juicy / Gucci, Eazy / 2 Live Crew infused with Stevie / Wonder how they view me, see me / Rick James, James Brown, MJ, Breezy / S-N-double-O-P, fo’ sheezy / 8Ball, MJG,” he raps. “DMX, EPMD / Master P and C.M.B / The G in me / Demands that you fit me with them / But in-the-scope of things, I’m way more 50 than Em / They took my hopes and dreams and turned me to a savage,” he vows, before referencing 21 Savage. Then the former Bad Boy Records artist hits the turbo button on the flow and speeds away for another three minutes.

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Towards the close, King Los fills his freestyle with educational raps about slavery. In referencing the mid-nineteenth century, he condemns comments made by Kanye West last year. “I hope this message electrifies us / The European be leveraging privilege through ethnic bias / If you ain’t do no scholarship on us, don’t dare speak / This that ether that gonna separate leaders from mere sheep / It’s like whippin’ on a back of a slave with bare feet / When historically Black college-universities pledge Greek / It just isn’t in your favor / It’s some sick, twisted, ritualistic nature / Look, you think it’s odd they slave you / If the slave master ain’t serve the same God they gave you / 400 years later, and you’re hardly stable / And you turn around and beg that same God to save you / Look, word to the sunrise / Homie, save yourself / Everything else, get a thumb-drive,” he raps. “‘Ye said that slavery was a choice, but let’s be real clear / Rule 3 was ‘take away they voice and instill fear’ / Hell yeah, I can see the passion in your eyes / I can admire your perseverance for your fashion and your grind / But Rule #4 is why that hat was our demise / You keep the slave interested in the master’s enterprise,” he raps, breaking down the teachings of 1850’s How To Make The Ideal Slave.

This freestyle has depth, substance, swagger, and incredible delivery. In the closing days of 2019, King Los reigns supreme.