Murs, Grouch & Brady Watt Jam On The Street And Show The Meaning Of Gratitude (Video)

Living Legends co-founders Murs and The Grouch recently graced Heads with a collaborative effort titled Thees Handz, which is also the name this California duo are going by. Further, their lead single and video for the project was also entitled “Thees Handz.” Having given fans a few weeks to digest the 10-track EP, the twosome are back with a vid’ for the Brady Watt-assisted “Be Nice.”

Over a bare-bones beat built around a robust Brady Watt bass-line, Murray and Corey’s raps encourage kindness to others and being grateful. The footage here features the three recording artists busking at Venice Beach. Further, the video is not staged and to make things interesting, they give $20 to anyone who donates $1. The reactions of the various passerby that contribute a buck or two, make this one of the most unique videos of the year. It’s part social experiment and part visual companion to a truly inspirational tune.

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Murs’ verse is a great mix of optimism and humor, “You ever smile at a motherf*cker / And they don’t smile back and you like ‘motherf*cker’ / What’s wrong with you? / I took a deep breath and wrote this song for you / I know you going through your struggle / Scared to let anybody up inside your bubble / I buried a parent, I buried a kid / So, when I say this, I’m speaking from experience / Whatever it is, it’s never that serious / To have you walking ’round with your face all furious / You woke up today / And for a million motherf*ckers, it went the other way / Every day is a chance to be reborn / There’s still Taco Bell and there’s free p*rn / There’s always something you can smile about / But you lookin’ for a reason to start wildin’ out / I’m really sorry that you had a bad day / Lookin’ like somebody used your mouth as a ashtray / Cheer up Charlie, you Negative Nelly / I hope somebody paint a rainbow on your belly.”

In a recent interview with AFH TV, Murs spoke about buying the candy of teens who make money, after an Instagram story showed the veteran MC purchasing all of the inventory from some Times Square hustlers.

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These MCs have been about this energy for ages. The sincerity and positivity of his words are a breath of fresh air. One of The Grouch’s great catalog songs is 2000’s “Wish You A Good Day” from Making Perfect Sense. Ahead of Thees Handz, Murs, 9th Wonder, and The Soul Council released The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over. Last year, The Grouch dropped The Tonite Show with DJ Fresh. Earlier this month, Brady Watt released “Monte Carlo” with Pharoahe Monch and Caye.

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