Rob Swift & Mista Sinista Reappear With A New Single From Their Latest Group (Audio)

Rob Swift and Mista Sinista are two of the most respected artists in Turntablism. Onetime members of the legendary X-Ecutioners crew (aka The X-Men), these two New Yorkers established a name for themselves within the culture alongside the late Roc Raida, Total Eclipse, DJ Boogie Blind, and DJ Precision. The squad dates back to the late 1980s.

Swift and Sinista linked back up some time ago to show off their great musical chemistry as well as their long friendship. Since they haven’t worked together since 2004 due to separate projects and working with different artists. Realizing that their fans still wanted to see them together rocking out with each other, they then decided to link and create new but memorable sets by going on tour as Da Odd Couple.

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Da Odd Couple uses beat-shifting, scratching, and cross-fading to create new compositions. The duo displays their mind-boggling teamwork and rhythmic apparatus that leads to outstanding live performances. After being on the road over the past few years and all their accomplishments, DJ A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold Records is releasing Da Odd Couple on November 14.

The five-track eponymous EP also illustrates what their hands are expressing on the 1’s and 2’s through some of the most diverse lyrics in the culture of Hip-Hop with features Breez Evahflowin, Chubs, uptownBODEGA, J-Live, and The Real DMT.

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The first single off the EP “The Reappearance” is enforced with scratches courtesy of Sinista and Swift along with abstract and transcending lyrics from The Real DMT. The Real DMT is gives a third person point of view on how the dynamic turntable duo moves the crowd. During the first verse DMT spits, “So see the spinning record sizzle as Swift and Sinista slay it / Send ya sense of sound to Shangri-La see what sages saying / Super Saiyan sonic sensory similar sound is unsung / Speed of Swift when scratching and stabbin’ll sear ya like the sun / Hands that have just half of his haste could be haughty headies / Heart of Hip-Hop heated by Helios hand heavy / Hearing hot tracks gotta have it hype hoarders / Hit’cha hard as Horus on the DJ scratch chorus.”

Press photograph by Robert Adam Mayer provided by Rob Swift.

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#BonusBeat: Da Odd Couple’s set at the Fat Beats’ 25th-anniversary party in New York City: