Mista Sinista Reminds Why Hip-Hop Was Built By DJs. He Puts On An Amazing Display (Video)

Mista Sinista was a crucial part of the X-Ecutioners in the ’90s and early 2000s. Alongside the late Roc Raida, as well as Rob Swift and Total Eclipse, the X-Men were real-life superheroes behind the turntables and mixers. Moreover, their 2002 Built From Scratch album on Loud Records brought turntablism to the Top 20 of the charts, with M.O.P., Large Professor involved, and a monstrous Kool G Rap and Big Pun collabo.

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Mista Sinista (who signed a solo deal to Relativity Records as “Joe Sinister” in the ’90s) remains true to the art, just like his brethren. Appearing on Funkmaster Flex’s 5 Minutes Of Funk DJ series, Mista Sinista gets. it. in. The New Yorker begins his moment beat-juggling “The Theme From S.W.A.T.” by The Rhythm Heritage into its own reconstructed creation. He adjusts the tempo, all with his hands, before unwinding the record back to its break-beat essence. Then, the Rap cut Sinista plays at 1:23 is by Chubs (“ETC”), and it goes (the DJ performed the cuts on the original). Mista Sinista has fun with the lyrics, building up the energy. Here, he does body-tricks the whole while—using his mouth on the tables and cross-fader. Then, digging in his digital crates, Joe switches to Redman & Method Man’s “Part 2.” He breaks down the Toni Braxton featured track to an even deeper level, having free-form fun with some of Erick Sermon’s juiciest sounds. He stops the tables. Then, he creates another knocking beat off of two turntables, using those same beats.

Closing out, at double time, the former X-Men slashes up LL Cool J’s “Get Down,” as he does just that. Mista Sinista is a turntable ninja indeed, word to the Bigger And Deffer scratch. He finishes with more tricks.

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For those seeking more of Mista Sinista’s greatness, this 2016 classic Dance mix is not from your average wedding or lounge DJ.

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